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Masculin Féminin Quotes

Masculin Féminin is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Masculin Féminin stopped airing in 1970.

It features Anatole Dauman as producer, Jean-Jacques Debout in charge of musical score, and Willy Kurant as head of cinematography.

Masculin Féminin is recorded in French and originally aired in France, Sweden. Each episode of Masculin Féminin is 103 minutes long. Masculin Féminin is distributed by Columbia Films S.A..

The cast includes: Jean-Pierre Léaud as Paul, Chantal Goya as Madeleine Zimmer - une petite chanteuse, Michel Debord as Robert, Marlène Jobert as Elisabeth, and Catherine-Isabelle Duport as Catherine-Isabelle.

Masculin Féminin Quotes

Marlène Jobert as Elisabeth

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Chantal Goya as Madeleine Zimmer - une petite chanteuse

  • (Chantal Goya) "Today in Paris. What do young women dream about? But which young women? The assembly-line inspectors with no time to make love because they're so worn out? The manicurists on the Champs-Élysées who start hooking at age 18 at the big Right Bank hotels? The rich schoolgirls who only know Bergson and Sartre because their bourgeois parents keep them locked up? The is no average Frenchwoman."
  • (Chantal Goya) "What's the center of the world for you?"
  • (Chantal Goya) "The center of the world? We've never talked, and the first time we do, you ask me weird questions."
  • (Chantal Goya) "I think it's a perfectly normal question. Come on. Answer me."
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "Love, I guess."
  • (Chantal Goya) "Funny. I'd have said "me.""
  • (Chantal Goya) "Why do you want to go out with me tonight?"
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "Because I think you're pretty. And for some tenderness."
  • (Chantal Goya) "I'm glad Paul's in love with me. I might let him screw me. But he'd better not become a pest."
  • (Chantal Goya) "Give us a TV and a car, but deliver us from liberty."
  • (Chantal Goya) "I'm No. 6 in Japan."
  • (Catherine-Isabelle Duport) "Really?"
  • (Chantal Goya) "With "Pinball Champ"."
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "More. Who's ahead of you?"
  • (Chantal Goya) "The Beatles, France Gall, Bob Dylan --"

Catherine-Isabelle Duport as Catherine-Isabelle

  • (Catherine-Isabelle Duport) "She's afraid you'll get her pregnant."
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "What an idiot. I'm old enough not to screw all the way. Would you be afraid?"
  • (Catherine-Isabelle Duport) "No. Not me. I use a thingamajig."
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "What's that? What is it?"
  • (Catherine-Isabelle Duport) "A gadget from America. A guy from Air France brought one for Elizabeth. Madeleine thinks it's indecent. I can understand her being scared."
  • (Catherine-Isabelle Duport) "We can suppose that, 20 years from now, every citizen will wear a small electrical device that can arouse the body to pleasure and sexual satisfaction."

Jean-Pierre Léaud as Paul

  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "What about the car?"
  • (Chantal Goya) "What car?"
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "The car."
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "You stole one?"
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "Yes."
  • (Catherine-Isabelle Duport) "I doubt that."
  • (Chantal Goya) "You're not Pierrot le Fou. He stole cars for his women."
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "Robert liked Catherine, who was probably still a virgin but had the makings of a future militant."
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "U.S. Go Home."
  • (Michel Debord) "U.S. Go Home."
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "U.S. Go Home. Go Home. Go Home. Go Home. Go Home."
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "What are you reading?"
  • (Michel Debord) "An article on Bob Dylan."
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "Who's he?"
  • (Michel Debord) "He's a Vietnik, you know."
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "What's that?"
  • (Michel Debord) "It's a Yank word, a cross between "beatnik" and "Vietnam.""
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "Let me see."
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) ""Who are you, Mr. Bob Dylan?""
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "Do you think socialism still has a future?"
  • (Mlle 19 ans de 'Mademoiselle Age Tendre') "Socialism? Is that what you asked?"
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "Yes."
  • (Mlle 19 ans de 'Mademoiselle Age Tendre') "I'm not qualified to answer. I know nothing about it."
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "No paper in the john?"
  • (Marlène Jobert) "Use the copy of "Le Figaro" on the chest. What a thing to do to Mauriac. When you think that Beaumarchais, that prince of artists, coined the name "Figaro," and now it's emblematic of everything bourgeois. It's enough to drive you to suicide."
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "You stand a better chance with Catherine."
  • (Michel Debord) "Oh, yeah? Last week at the Rex cinema, I asked her what kind of bra she wore."
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "And?"
  • (Michel Debord) "The slap she gave me. Bing."
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "If you kill a man, you're a murderer. If you kill million of men, you're a conqueror. If you kill them all, you're God."
  • (Marlène Jobert) "I don't believe in God."
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "We'll see."
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "To have a conscience is to be open to the world."
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "To be faithful is to act as if time didn't exist."
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "Wisdom would be to see life, truly see it. That would be wisdom."
  • (Unnamed) "Cut out the necking in front."
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "Can it, Trotskyite."
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "From January to March, I continued the opinion polls. Do vacuum cleaners sell? Do you like cheese in tubes? Do you read a lot? What's a cadre? Do you like poetry? Winter sports? Short skirts? How do you react to an accident? If your lover left you for a black, would you mind? Do you know about the famine in India? Do you know what a Communist is? Do you use birth control pills or a thing in your vagina? Where do you live? What's your salary? Why are society women more frigid than factory girls? Do you know there's an Iraqi-Kurd war on? Gradually, over these three months, I came to realize that these questions did not reflect but deformed the collective mentality. My lack of objectivity, even when unconscious, tended to provoke a predictable lack of sincerity in those I was polling. Unawares, I was deceiving them and being deceived by them. Why? Probably because polls and surveys quickly veer from their true goal, the observation of behavior, and instead insidiously go for value judgments. I discovered that the questions I would ask any French person expressed an ideology that reflects not present mores but those of the past."
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "What does "the American way" mean to you?"
  • (Mlle 19 ans de 'Mademoiselle Age Tendre') "A very fast-paced life, probably. Very free."
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "We control our thoughts which mean nothing, and not our emotions which mean everything."
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "I don't know why I'm joking; actually I feel miserable."
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "Man's conscience doesn't determine his existence. His social being determines his conscience."
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "How's it going?"
  • (Michel Debord) "Terrible."
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "What's wrong?"
  • (Michel Debord) "I'm saying things are terrible until 10:00."
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "An espresso."
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "It's 10.05 now."
  • (Michel Debord) "Really? Then everything's all right."
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "I really like your kind of breasts."
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "It matters."

Michel Debord as Robert

  • (Michel Debord) "Ever notice there's the word "mask" in masculine? And also "ass"?"
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "And in feminine?"
  • (Michel Debord) "Nothing."
  • (Michel Debord) "Not bad."
  • (Jean-Pierre Léaud) "Her breasts?"
  • (Michel Debord) "Yes --"

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