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Once and Again Quotes

Once and Again is a television show that debuted in 1999 on American Broadcasting Company. Once and Again ended in 2002.

Once and Again lasted 3 seasons and 63 episodes. It features W.G. Snuffy Walden as composer. Once and Again is created by Edward Zwick and.

Once and Again is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Once and Again is 60 minutes long. Once and Again is produced by The Bedford Falls Company and distributed by Disney-ABC Domestic Television (formerly Buena Vista Television).

The cast includes: Julia Whelan as Grace Manning, Billy Campbell as Rick Sammler, Sela Ward as Lily Manning, Marin Hinkle as Judy Brooks, James Eckhouse as Boy, Evan Rachel Wood as Jessie Sammler, Mischa Barton as Katie Singer, Susanna Thompson as Karen Sammler, Patrick Dempsey as Aaron, Meredith Deane as Zoey Manning, Shane West as Eli Sammler, Todd Field as David Cassilli, and Kelly Coffield as Naomi.

Once and Again Quotes

Sela Ward as Lily Manning

  • (Sela Ward) "Oh, my God. Brian Garvin."
  • (Julia Whelan) "What happened to him?"
  • (Sela Ward) "He changed -- into gay. I mean, he's gay."
  • (Julia Whelan) "So you made him gay?"
  • (Sela Ward) "No."
  • (Julia Whelan) "Are you sure?"
  • (Sela Ward) "There's a difference between giving up and letting go."
  • (Sela Ward) "Grace, will you wipe it up, please?"
  • (Julia Whelan) "I'm sorry, is my name Cinderella?"

Mischa Barton as Katie Singer

  • (Mischa Barton) "Oh my God."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "What?"
  • (Mischa Barton) "Did you hear? It's all over school."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "You mean about -- us?"
  • (Mischa Barton) "No, not us. Your stepsister. And Mr. Dimitri."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "Oh no. Oh my God."
  • (Mischa Barton) "Apparently they like; practically had sex."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "What? You mean; at the movies?"
  • (Mischa Barton) "I don't know. But Tad said that Russell said that Alexa said she saw them. With her own eyes."
  • (Mischa Barton) "Are you like; totally stunned?"
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "Not totally."
  • (Mischa Barton) "Anyway -- why would anyone be talking about us?"
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "no reason."
  • (Mischa Barton) "Oh, look you missed the trash."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "I wasn't gonna throw it away."
  • (Mischa Barton) "Fine, whatever. Can I just have it back please?"
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "You want the letter back?"
  • (Mischa Barton) "Look, I've humiliated myself enough as it is."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "How?"
  • (Mischa Barton) "Because -- I shouldn't have written all that stuff."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "It's okay."
  • (Mischa Barton) "It's obviously not okay, you're barely even talking to me."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "I just wanna be friends."
  • (Mischa Barton) "That's what I want."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "Well from your letter, it just --"
  • (Mischa Barton) "No, forget this stupid letter -- I don't want anything you don't want."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "I just wanna be friends."
  • (Mischa Barton) "Me too."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "I've just been really --"
  • (Mischa Barton) "Confused, I know."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "The fact that I didn't know what to do, and you're really important to me."
  • (Mischa Barton) "I am?"
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "Yes, don't you know that?"
  • (Mischa Barton) "Because you are so important to me."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "So can we just be friends, I mean, am I still your friend?"
  • (Mischa Barton) "Yes, of course, oh my god."
  • (Mischa Barton) "Of course you're still my friend. Let's just throw this stupid letter out, ok?"
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "I can't. I can't throw it away. I wanna keep it forever."
  • (Mischa Barton) "You ever notice how no one our age dresses to show who they are, they dress to hide who they are and then some guy figures this out and makes like a billion dollars and --"
  • (Mischa Barton) "I'm sorry, I'm talking too much."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "No, it's okay, I like it."
  • (Mischa Barton) "What's so great about hiding who you are?"

Marin Hinkle as Judy Brooks

  • (Marin Hinkle) "In my life, a third date turns into a 12 step program."
  • (Marin Hinkle) "Because your bond is so strong she has to pull herself away that much harder to prove to herself she can do it without you."
  • (Marin Hinkle) "Men need to lie, you can't take it personally. Any woman asking anything of them is automatically their mother, which means they're terrified, which means they lie just to keep a part of themselves out of your evil clutches."

Julia Whelan as Grace Manning

  • (Julia Whelan) "Y'know, I have this weird feeling that growing up is overrated."
  • (Julia Whelan) "It's like your parents want you to be grown up in the really boring ways like school, and in the cool ways like being on your own, they try to keep you a kid."
  • (Julia Whelan) "Is she anorexic?"
  • (Sela Ward) "Grace."
  • (Julia Whelan) "Half the girls in my school are; what's the big deal?"
  • (Julia Whelan) "Sometimes I wonder why I ever hope for anything."
  • (Julia Whelan) "Sometimes people just aren't who you need them to be, at like a certain moment, and unfortunately there's nothing you can do about it."
  • (Julia Whelan) "I think they should invent a new word -- a word that describes how you feel before you kiss someone. I think it's like when a bird decides that it can fly."
  • (Julia Whelan) "I'm all alone. Do you even realize that? Do you even know what that feels like?"
  • (Sela Ward) "No, honey, I don't. I've always been too afraid to find out what that feels like. I'm so glad that you're not."
  • (Julia Whelan) "Boys are so naive. I mean, sometimes you have to wonder how they even live."

Todd Field as David Cassilli

  • (Todd Field) "'Cause you're crazy if you think you can handle him. You're crazy if you think that I'm gonna hang around to watch you build his palace."
  • (Billy Campbell) "Then maybe you would just hang around and watch my back."
  • (Todd Field) "God knows somebody has to."
  • (Todd Field) "Why would I date a mother? It took me 20 years to get away from my own."

Meredith Deane as Zoey Manning

  • (Meredith Deane) "I didn't know they came out with fingernails."
  • (Julia Whelan) "Your baby's gonna come out with painted fingernails."
  • (Meredith Deane) "And yours is gonna come out with a copy of War And Peace."

Kelly Coffield as Naomi

  • (Kelly Coffield) "Lily, we're not talking about muffins here. This is a gingerbread house from scratch, it's hard. Remember childbirth? This is harder."

Patrick Dempsey as Aaron

  • (Patrick Dempsey) "Are you in love?"
  • (Julia Whelan) "How could I know that?"

Susanna Thompson as Karen Sammler

  • (Susanna Thompson) "Just because a person has feelings for you, doesn't mean you have to return those feelings."

James Eckhouse as Boy

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Shane West as Eli Sammler

  • (Shane West) "It's so weird that she doesn't miss me, 'cause I'm never gonna stop missing her."
  • (Julia Whelan) "I know."
  • (Shane West) "You're like the only person who does know."
  • (Shane West) "that's a really pretty dress"
  • (Unnamed) "What?"
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "They called off the wedding."

Billy Campbell as Rick Sammler

  • (Billy Campbell) "The love was so right but the timing was so wrong -- which may be the corniest thing I've ever said to anyone."

Evan Rachel Wood as Jessie Sammler

  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "You guys should totally do it."
  • (Shane West) "Yeah, any kid you guys had would know every single word of 'The Philadelphia Story'."
  • (Julia Whelan) "Oh, and all those stupid tenor songs you listen to."
  • (Julia Whelan) "I am a tenor. I love myself. Oh, I'm a tenor and I am so amazing. I looove myseeeeelf."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "I just think that sometimes things happen between people that you don't really expect. And sometimes the things that are important are the ones that seem the weirdest or the most wrong. And those are the ones that change your life."
  • (Therapist) "So, your friend is gay --"
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "No no no. My friend being gay wouldn't bother me. What bothers me is people saying she's gay if she's not. Like there are girls in my school who say they're gay, and know if they are or they aren't but at least it's their choice to say it."
  • (Therapist) "I see."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "And with Katie, I just don't think that she is because I know her really well. And if she was, she would be going to that meeting tonight and she's not, so she's obviously not gay."
  • (Therapist) "Well, that settles it then."

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