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Scum (film) Quotes

Scum (film) is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Scum ended in 1970.

It features Davina Belling, Clive Parsons, and Don Boyd; Michael Relph; Martin Campbell as producer.

Scum (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Scum (film) is 98 minutes long. Scum (film) is distributed by World-Northal.

The cast includes: Peter Howell as Governor, Alan Igbon as Meakin, Mick Ford as Archer, Ray Winstone as Carlin, John Rogan as Escort, John Judd as Mr Sands, Phil Daniels as Richards, John Blundell as Banks, Julian Firth as Davis, Alrick Riley as Angel, Bill Dean as Duke, Ray Jewers as Gym Instructor, Philip Jackson as Mr. Greaves, Nigel Humphreys as Taylor, Philip DaCosta as Jackson, John Fowler as Woods, and Peter Francis as Baldy.

Scum (film) Quotes

Ray Winstone as Carlin

  • (Ray Winstone) "You don't do yourself no favours, mate."
  • (Ray Winstone) "Where's ya tool?"
  • (Peter Francis) "What f***in' tool?"
  • (Ray Winstone) "This f***in' tool."
  • (Ray Winstone) "Vegetarians? I've s*** 'em --"
  • (Ray Winstone) "Carry on."
  • (John Fowler) "Ah. Leave it out, Stripey. I ain't hurting you."
  • (Phil Daniels) "Yer in my bleedin' way."
  • (Mick Ford) "Oi."
  • (John Fowler) "It's all right, Ben."
  • (Phil Daniels) "What's up with you, weirdo? You want stripin' do ya? You might get left alone 'ere, but I'll cut you to bleedin' ribbons if I get any of yer poxy lip 'ere."
  • (Ray Winstone) "Back, grass. I said, get back, s*** head."
  • (Ray Winstone) "Yeah, well, carry on."

Peter Howell as Governor

  • (Peter Howell) "There is NO violence here."

Mick Ford as Archer

  • (Mick Ford) "No strings?"
  • (Ray Winstone) "Get it down you, sharpish."
  • (Mick Ford) "Sometimes, someday I somehow get the strangest notion they're trying to break my spirit."
  • (Mick Ford) "You know when I was in the Scrubs, sweating it out in that filthy cell, I had this matchbox. And it said on this matchbox that it takes 60 muscles to frown but only 13 to smile, so why waste energy? You see, I'm doing me time in a matchbox."

Bill Dean as Duke

  • (Bill Dean) "You might be a smart ass, Archer, but your nothing but a fool to yourself."
  • (Mick Ford) "I get by."
  • (Bill Dean) "Look at you sitting there with that daft smile on your face. Why aren't you over there with the rest of them?"
  • (Mick Ford) "I'm an atheist."
  • (Bill Dean) "What do you think that lot are, Disciples?"
  • (Bill Dean) "Keep it moving, there 's no sandcastles on Margate beach. Come on Archer, no slaggin' for you, you long streak of cabbage."
  • (Bill Dean) "Woods."
  • (John Fowler) "Sir?"
  • (Bill Dean) "What are you supposed to be doing?"
  • (John Fowler) "What Sir? -- Oh, shoveling Sir."
  • (Bill Dean) "Than shovel it in the barrow, savvy. When we want it the other side of the Channel we'll let you know, lad."

John Rogan as Escort

  • (John Rogan) "Name and number."
  • (Mick Ford) "4721, Archer, sir."
  • (Peter Howell) "Ahh, Archer. Insolence, graffiti. Guilty?"
  • (Mick Ford) "Misplaced trust, sir."

John Judd as Mr Sands

  • (John Judd) "What's this then? On your feet, lad. What do you think this is? Stand up. Name and number?"
  • (Alrick Riley) "Angel, sir."
  • (John Judd) "Number?"
  • (Alrick Riley) "Can't remember, sir."
  • (John Judd) "Can't remember? Your number, lad, that's all you are, a number. A number. Four digits. That's all you are. 4736. Name and number?"
  • (Alrick Riley) "4736, Angel, sir."
  • (John Judd) "Who did this?"
  • (Alrick Riley) "What, sir?"
  • (John Judd) "Don't give that, boy. Who did this?"
  • (Alrick Riley) "No-one, sir."
  • (John Judd) "Fighting?"
  • (Alrick Riley) "No, sir."
  • (John Judd) "Fell?"
  • (Alrick Riley) "No, sir."
  • (John Judd) "Damaging government property are we, you black bastard?"
  • (Alrick Riley) "No, sir."
  • (John Judd) "Come on, what are we doing then, you black Brixton slag."
  • (Alrick Riley) "Nothing, sir."
  • (John Judd) "Fighting, you're booked for fighting. Governor's report, right?"
  • (Alrick Riley) "I wasn't --"
  • (John Judd) "Right?"
  • (John Judd) "Dozy bastard, Banks. You let him do you over, you twat."
  • (John Blundell) "I slipped, sir."
  • (John Judd) "Don't come at me. Who d'yer think yer talking to? Carlin. I want you to name Carlin."
  • (John Blundell) "I slipped, sir."
  • (John Judd) "Carlin?"
  • (Ray Winstone) "Yes, sir?"
  • (John Judd) "What happened to yer face, Carlin?"
  • (Ray Winstone) "I fell, sir."
  • (John Judd) "Where?"
  • (John Judd) "Quiet. Speak when I tell you. Somebody hit you, eh? Answer, somebody hit you."
  • (Ray Winstone) "No, sir."
  • (John Judd) "We know about you, sunny. Who was it?"
  • (Ray Winstone) "I fell sir. On the stairs. Wasn't used to the concrete steps. Me own fault."
  • (John Judd) "I want none of yer tricks here, laddy. Understand that?"
  • (Ray Winstone) "Yes, sir."
  • (John Judd) "Any more of this and yer in trouble, real trouble. Understand?"
  • (Ray Winstone) "Yes, sir."
  • (John Judd) "Well move yerself, you little guttersnipe. Move."
  • (John Judd) "Yer on governor's report."
  • (John Judd) "Who was it, Richards? Who was it? Carlin? The coon?"
  • (Phil Daniels) "I slipped, sir."
  • (John Judd) "I'll give you f***ing slipped."
  • (John Judd) "Right, on your feet. Who did this?"
  • (John Judd) "Come on. Who did it?"
  • (John Judd) "Where's Banks?"
  • (John Judd) "Hands by your sides. Attention. Name and number?"
  • (Alrick Riley) "4736, Angel, sir."
  • (John Judd) "Louder."
  • (Alrick Riley) "4736, Angel, sir."
  • (John Judd) "Straight out the banana trees, eh? Well, you take it from me, nig-nog, you go steal white man's motor cars and you get white man's stick, right?"
  • (Alrick Riley) "Yes, sir."
  • (John Judd) "Now, get this cell scrubbed. On the double."
  • (John Judd) "Carlin. Carlin."
  • (Ray Winstone) "Sir?"
  • (John Judd) "Ok, Carlin. You're really for it this time. Banks and Richards have both named you. You get 3 years for this, scum."
  • (Ray Winstone) "I don't know what you're talking about, sir."
  • (John Judd) "You f***in' well know, toe-rag. I run this wing. I'm not letting it disrupted by a back-street villain like you. You'll sign a statement downstairs."
  • (Ray Winstone) "I've got nothin' to say. I'd like to see the House Master."
  • (John Judd) "You will, Carlin. You will."
  • (Ray Winstone) "And the governor, sir. I've got a witness."
  • (John Judd) "s*** witness. I'm having you lad. You banged that officer at Roly. You must have thought you walked quietly away from that one. But he's here. He's me. He's every f***ing screw in this borstal. Every one of us. Come on."
  • (John Judd) "Fancy taking a poke at me? Come on, big man."
  • (Ray Winstone) "I've banged no screw, I retaliated. There was two of 'em, kicking the s*** out of me."
  • (John Judd) "Well, retaliate here. Come on."
  • (John Judd) "I'll have you."

Ray Jewers as Gym Instructor

  • (Ray Jewers) "Rules: no punching in the face, no kicking in the goolies, and no biting."

Philip DaCosta as Jackson

  • (Philip DaCosta) "Oh look at that all over my hair."
  • (Bill Dean) "Quiet, Jackson, or do we want Mr. Teasy Weasy in there with ya?"
  • (Philip DaCosta) "Only washed it last night, Sir."
  • (Bill Dean) "Quiet, you little poof and keep shoveling."

Alan Igbon as Meakin

  • (Alan Igbon) "Up your f***ing borstal."

John Blundell as Banks

  • (John Blundell) "Right, Carlin. I run this f***in' gaff and yer dead if you come any of it 'ere."
  • (Ray Winstone) "Leave off, will ya? I don't give a f*** who the Daddy is. I don't want trouble so just piss off and let me get on with me time, all right?"
  • (Phil Daniels) "We'll give you time, ya bastard."
  • (John Blundell) "Woods."
  • (John Fowler) "What?"
  • (John Blundell) "Get over here and keep my seat warm."
  • (John Blundell) "Slasher? 'ere look at this. "Its" had a nightmare."
  • (Phil Daniels) "There's more where that come from, Carlin. You just keep yer f***ing mouth closed."
  • (Phil Daniels) "You ain't no Daddy here."

Philip Jackson as Mr. Greaves

  • (Philip Jackson) "Cut that out, Davis, or I'll give you something to cry about, you mardy ass little toe-rag. You touch that bell again for no f***ing reason, I'll have you down the block before your feet touch the ground. Now get your subnormal head down."

Phil Daniels as Richards

  • (Phil Daniels) "I never have been short of birds, plenty of crumpet after me."
  • (Philip DaCosta) "Listen to Burt Reynolds."
  • (Phil Daniels) "Watch you mouth, Jackson."
  • (Philip DaCosta) "The only crumpet you've had is with your fist."
  • (Phil Daniels) "Stand up, coon. Name and number. Attention when I come in. I said up."
  • (Phil Daniels) "He said up, didn't he?"
  • (Phil Daniels) "You can learn a lot in here if you use your loaf."

Nigel Humphreys as Taylor

  • (Nigel Humphreys) "So this is 'The Daddy'; the 'ardcase. Carlin, is it? Don't look much to me, Carlin -- you're the little toerag who thumped the officer at Rowley -- fancy yerself do ya, Carlin? Thumpin' officers, eh?"

Julian Firth as Davis

  • (Julian Firth) "I feel lonely, sir -- I feel depressed, even."

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