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Shaft (1971 film) Quotes

Shaft (1971 film) is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Shaft ended its run in 1970.

It features Joel Freeman as producer, Isaac Hayes in charge of musical score, and Urs Furrer as head of cinematography.

Shaft (1971 film) is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The cast includes: Richard Roundtree as John Shaft, Charles Cioffi as Vic Androzzi, Moses Gunn as Bumpy Jonas, Richard Roundtree as Shaft, Gwenn Mitchell as Ellie Moore, and Christopher St. John as Ben Buford.

Shaft (1971 film) Quotes

Richard Roundtree as John Shaft

  • (Richard Roundtree) "Don't let your mouth get your ass in trouble."
  • (Richard Roundtree) "I thought the money didn't matter to you. Just getting your baby back."
  • (Moses Gunn) "Money ALWAYS matters --"
  • (Richard Roundtree) "Hey, baby. Please close the door, huh?"
  • (Unnamed) "Hey, close it yourself, s***ty."
  • (Richard Roundtree) "Up yours, baby."
  • (Richard Roundtree) "You're a cagey spook, Bumpy."
  • (Moses Gunn) "You ride a tall horse, Mr Shaft."
  • (Willy) "Listen, Snow White. Me and you gonna tangle, sooner or later. Did you hear what I say?"
  • (Richard Roundtree) "Why don't you stop playing with yourself, Willy? You ain't gonna do s***."
  • (Richard Roundtree) "Warms my black heart to see you so concerned about us minority folks."
  • (Charles Cioffi) "Oh come on Shaft, what is it with this black s***, huh?"
  • (Charles Cioffi) "You ain't so black."
  • (Richard Roundtree) "And you ain't so white either baby."
  • (Richard Roundtree) "Vic, your case just busted wide open."
  • (Charles Cioffi) "So close it for me."
  • (Richard Roundtree) "Cut the crap man, this is Shaft. Looks like you gonna have to close it yo'self, s***ty."
  • (Richard Roundtree) "Up yours. Get out the way."
  • (Sergeant Tom Hannon) "Hey, where the hell are you going, Shaft?"
  • (Richard Roundtree) "To get laid, where the hell are you going?"
  • (Richard Roundtree) "When you lead your revolution, whitey better be standing still because you don't run worth a damn no more."
  • (Richard Roundtree) "I got to feeling like a machine, and that's no way to feel."
  • (Richard Roundtree) "Sorry, I can't make it."
  • (Gwenn Mitchell) "You got problems, baby?"
  • (Richard Roundtree) "Heh. Yeah, I got a couple of 'em. I was born black -- and I was born poor."
  • (Willy) "Got to see if you're clean before you can see the Man."
  • (Richard Roundtree) "Better get yourself six more helpers then, Willy."
  • (Willy) "That's how it's done."
  • (Richard Roundtree) "Who searches you?"
  • (Willy) "Nobody."
  • (Richard Roundtree) "Then get the same cat to search us."
  • (Richard Roundtree) "I get 50 bucks an hour -- plus expenses."

Charles Cioffi as Vic Androzzi

  • (Charles Cioffi) "Have a chair, John."
  • (Richard Roundtree) "I don't like your chair."
  • (Charles Cioffi) "Call me when you get home."
  • (Richard Roundtree) "I will."
  • (Charles Cioffi) "Close it yourself, s***ty."

Moses Gunn as Bumpy Jonas

  • (Moses Gunn) "When will I hear from you?"
  • (Richard Roundtree) "When I got something to say."
  • (Moses Gunn) "Wrong number."
  • (Richard Roundtree) "Cut the crap, man, this is Shaft."
  • (Moses Gunn) "Wrong Number."
  • (Richard Roundtree) "Don't bull me, man. I got the right number. This is Shaft."
  • (Moses Gunn) "How'd the hell you get this number?"
  • (Richard Roundtree) "Off a bathroom wall in the god damn subway."

Gwenn Mitchell as Ellie Moore

  • (Gwenn Mitchell) "I love you."
  • (Richard Roundtree) "Yeah, I know. Take it easy."

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