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Shock Treatment Quotes

Shock Treatment is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Shock Treatment ended its run in 1970.

It features Lou Adler; Michael White as producer, Richard Hartley, Songs:, and Richard O'Brien in charge of musical score, and Mike Molloy as head of cinematography.

Shock Treatment is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Shock Treatment is 94 minutes long. Shock Treatment is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Nell Campbell as Nurse Ansalong, Ruby Wax as Betty Hapschatt, Richard O'Brien as Cosmo McKinley, Patricia Quinn as Nation McKinley, Patricia Quinn as Nation, Richard O'Brien as Cosmo, Christopher Malcolm as Vance Parker, Jessica Harper as Janet Majors, Charles Gray as Judge Oliver Wright, Cliff De Young as Brad Majors, Manning Redwood as Harry Weiss, Ruby Wax as Judge Oliver Wright, Betty Hapschatt, Ruby Wax as Brad Majors, Janet Majors, Judge Oliver Wright, Betty Hapschatt, Darlene Johnson as Emily Weiss, Wendy Raebeck as Macy Struthers, Jeremy Newson as Ralph Hapschatt, Betsy Brantley as Neely Pritt, Barry Humphries as Bert Schnick, Gary Shail as Oscar Drill, Donald Waugh as Glish Davidson, Eugene Lipinski as Kirk, Barry Dennen as Irwin Lapsey, and Sinitta as Frankie.

Shock Treatment Quotes

Barry Humphries as Bert Schnick

  • (Barry Humphries) "Ever since I was the eine kleine herren/It was the Cordon Bleu for which I am most carin'/And the one taste treat so sweet, it really can't be beat/Is what we have, ja, how you are, caviar, that little black mess."
  • (Barry Humphries) "Hoopla Denton."
  • (Audience) "Hoopla Bert."
  • (Barry Humphries) "Hey, folks, it's Ricky from the Rest Home."
  • (Unnamed) "Hey, Bert."
  • (Barry Humphries) "Hey, Ricky."
  • (Unnamed) "I've come for Mr. Majors."
  • (Barry Humphries) "Brad will learn how to care in the surgical chair."
  • (Unnamed) "Nothing serious, I hope?"
  • (Jessica Harper) "Oh, no, just a routine checkup."
  • (Barry Humphries) "Just a "routine checkup," eh, viewers?"
  • (Barry Humphries) "The subject is committed. As are we all."
  • (Barry Humphries) "They should be sent to the Danube at dawn."
  • (Jeremy Newson) "What?"
  • (Barry Humphries) "Just -- memories."

Ruby Wax as Betty Hapschatt

  • (Ruby Wax) "Macy Struthers with my husband. God, I must have been blind. Still, the weaker the man, the dumber the blonde."
  • (Ruby Wax) "Who loves YOU, baby?"
  • (Ruby Wax) "Alimony is just another word for RAPE."
  • (Ruby Wax) "Oh my god, character actors."
  • (Unnamed) "Some people do it for each other."
  • (Ruby Wax) "Some people do it for their lover."
  • (Unnamed) "Some people do it for improvement."
  • (Ruby Wax) "Some people do it for the movement."
  • (Unnamed) "Some people do it for enjoyment."
  • (Ruby Wax) "Some people do it for employment."
  • (Ruby Wax) "But, we're gonna do it anyhow, anyhow. We're gonna do it anyhow, anyhow. We're gonna do it no matter how the wind is blowing. We're gonna do it anyhow, anyhow. We're gonna do it anyhow, anyhow. We're gonna do it. We just gotta keep going."
  • (Ruby Wax) "What's happening here? Janet's on "The Breakfast Show," Brad's committed to a nowhere series, and we've been --"
  • (Charles Gray) "Written out?"
  • (Ruby Wax) "Coffee, Kirk. I'm dying for it."
  • (Eugene Lipinski) "R.I.P., Betty. You're off the air."
  • (Ruby Wax) "Did you enjoy our anthem?"
  • (Charles Gray) "In a way."
  • (Ruby Wax) "I detect a note of reticence. Are you perhaps one of those amongst us who feel that emotive forms of presentations are overly manipulative?"
  • (Charles Gray) "Well Betty, there are many ways that the spider may catch the fly."
  • (Ruby Wax) "Oh, Ralph."
  • (Jeremy Newson) "Yeah?"
  • (Ruby Wax) "SHOVE IT."

Darlene Johnson as Emily Weiss

  • (Darlene Johnson) "Like a virgin with an urgin' in a surgery, I'll be swinging, I'll be bringing out the nurse in me."

Richard O'Brien as Cosmo

  • (Richard O'Brien) "How dare this person take advantage of my weakness."
  • (Patricia Quinn) "I don't think he intends to go that far."
  • (Richard O'Brien) "You need a bit of -- ooh, shock treatment/Get you jumpin' like a real live wire/Need a bit of -- ooh, shock treatment/So look out, mister, don't you blow your last resistor for a vista that'll mystify ya."
  • (Richard O'Brien) "Romance is not a children's game."
  • (Patricia Quinn) "But you keep going back; it's driving you insane."

Nell Campbell as Nurse Ansalong

  • (Nell Campbell) "You're blinded by romance, you're blinded by science. Your condition is critically grave, but don't expect mercy from such an alliance. Suspicion of tradition's so new wave."
  • (Nell Campbell) "Night-night, it's time for bye-byes, it's been a great day, thanks a heap. Now it's time for everyone to go to sleep --"

Manning Redwood as Harry Weiss

  • (Manning Redwood) "A man must know the right occasion to indulge in tax evasion."

Betsy Brantley as Neely Pritt

  • (Betsy Brantley) "You'll find happy hearts, and smiling faces, and tolerance for, the ethnic races, in Denton."

Christopher Malcolm as Vance Parker

  • (Christopher Malcolm) "Does this bird belong to you?"

Charles Gray as Judge Oliver Wright

  • (Charles Gray) "Isn't that Brad and Janet Majors sitting in the audience there? What an ideal couple they are. More than anyone else in Denton, they represent the old values. Ike would have been proud of them."

Cliff De Young as Brad Majors

  • (Cliff De Young) "Seducer."
  • (Unnamed) "And -- who are you, sir?"
  • (Cliff De Young) "Your twin brother and your accuser."
  • (Unnamed) "You've lost your heart."
  • (Cliff De Young) "You lost your cause."
  • (Unnamed) "You lost your baby when you lost your balls/You lost your mind when you lost your grip, so say bye-bye."
  • (Cliff De Young) "We lost our home/Our family/You lost compassion, now you're losin' me --"
  • (Unnamed) "Well, the best thing you could ever do is die."
  • (Cliff De Young) "You're a dead-end, dead-beat, nowhere mister with a kisser like a Mississippi alligator's sister."
  • (Cliff De Young) "To Farley: I'm as sane as you are. Saner."
  • (Richard O'Brien) "To Audience: And he was only with us for one day."
  • (Cliff De Young) "What are we gonna do, Janet?"
  • (Cliff De Young) "It's all right, Brad. Everything's gonna be all right."
  • (Cliff De Young) "Dear blender/Now, won't you help a first offender?/Oh, toaster/Don't you put the burn on me/Refrigerator/Why are we always sooner or later/Bitchin' in the kitchen or cryin' in the bedroom all night?"
  • (Cliff De Young) "We lost our mom, we lost our dad, and if I'm losin' you well, that's -- too bad."

Jessica Harper as Janet Majors

  • (Jessica Harper) "If that's not enough, then I'm/So sorry I met you, it was almost like leading you on/But there's more to it all/Than just ringing your heart out over something/That keeps on going wrong/So don't tell me you love me/How am I supposed to know what that means?/No, don't sell emotion/You can't buy devotion if you're falling apart at the seams --"
  • (Jessica Harper) "Well --. First you go rip, rip, rip/Then you go snip, snip, snip/Then you whip in a zip, zip, zip/And split it up to the hip, hip, hip/And as you strip, strip, strip/You quiver and shiver for that soft caress/As you slip, slip, slip/Into that little black dress."
  • (Jessica Harper) "Why did you tell not to sign now?"
  • (Nell Campbell) "That way, you get the first day free."

Jeremy Newson as Ralph Hapschatt

  • (Jeremy Newson) "Ladies and gentlemen -- the president."
  • (Betsy Brantley) "The President's here."
  • (Barry Dennen) "Hi. I'm Irwin Lapsey, president of Lapsey Autos."
  • (Jeremy Newson) "Ladies and gentlemen: Denton's own, America's pride, the world's example: Janet, the sensation of the planet."

Wendy Raebeck as Macy Struthers

  • (Wendy Raebeck) "Like a good-time girl, I'm gonna try some new tricks."
  • (Jeremy Newson) "This could be the start of a whole new career."
  • (Wendy Raebeck) "Got a deep plum lipstick and some therapeutics."
  • (Jeremy Newson) "This could take us to a town that's nowhere near here."

Patricia Quinn as Nation

  • (Patricia Quinn) "This could be worse than the old series."
  • (Richard O'Brien) "In the old series, we never had a convertible."
  • (Patricia Quinn) "I feel the heat from your skin and the stubble on your chin, you're no good/"
  • (Richard O'Brien) "You're no good/"
  • (Patricia Quinn) "You've got dirt on your hands and everybody understands you're no good/"
  • (Richard O'Brien) "You're no good/"
  • (Patricia Quinn) "Oh, what a joke/"
  • (Richard O'Brien) "What a joke/"
  • (Patricia Quinn) "You feel like choking/You play for broke/"
  • (Richard O'Brien) "Play for broke/"
  • (Patricia Quinn) "He leaves you smoking/"
  • (Richard O'Brien) "Oh, romance is not a children's game/"
  • (Patricia Quinn) "But you keep going back/It's driving you insane/"

Sinitta as Frankie

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