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Street Trash Quotes

Street Trash is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . Street Trash ended in 1970.

It features Roy Frumkes as producer, and Rick Ulfik in charge of musical score.

Street Trash is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Street Trash is 101 minutes long. Street Trash is distributed by Lightning Pictures.

Street Trash Quotes

  • (Wendy) "Mr Snizer? Mr Snizer? Hey. Hey. Hey, don't drop dead on me, they'll never find me."
  • (Wendy) "Oh God, please don't stop."
  • (Frank Schnizer) "If you don't want me to stop, I won't stop."
  • (Wendy) "Oh you f***. You miserable lousy f***."
  • (Frank Schnizer) "How do you know, we ain't even done it yet."
  • (Nick Duran) "You're a f***ing dead man, you f***ing rat. You know what a f***ing dead man is? That's what you are, a f***ing dead man."
  • (Doorman) "Yeah? Well I'll tell you something. I'd rather be dead than wear this f***ing monkey suit. I look like Bullwinkle."
  • (Ed) "Aw, Christ --"
  • (Fred) "You're a nice guy."
  • (Ed) "Hey Fred, early bird gets the worm, hah?"
  • (Fred) "Ah, you just want my one-eyed wonder worm, Eddy."
  • (Ed) "That one-eyed wonder worm has been dead for twenty years."
  • (Fred) "Yeah. How's your daughter?"
  • (Ed) "Eh, you'll never know."
  • (Fred) "Place looks cleaner than usual."
  • (Ed) "Yeah, I swept it out once."
  • (Fred) "Huh. So. What you got for me today?"
  • (Ed) "Today? Tenafly Viper. One buck."
  • (Fred) "Buck; not bad. I thought you Jews usually tried to make more money than that."
  • (Ed) "Ah, you f***in' bastard --"
  • (Wife In Car) "Hurry up, let's make the light. You know how much I hate this neighborhood."
  • (Wife In Car) "Honey, here comes one."
  • (Wife In Car) "Oh. Look. Look what he's doing to the car."
  • (Husband In Car) "Don't worry about it. Everyone's got to make a living you know."
  • (Wife In Car) "Honey."
  • (Husband In Car) "Don't do that. I'm only gonna --"
  • (Husband In Car) "Hey, how're you doing there? Vet, huh?"
  • (Wife In Car) "He's touching the car."
  • (Husband In Car) "Look, I'll handle it, it's okay, alright?"
  • (Wife In Car) "Look what he's doing to the car. He's touching the car."
  • (Husband In Car) "Let me handle it, okay?"
  • (Husband In Car) "How're you doing? Y'know, I'm a G-3 at Fort Swansworth on weekends? The Reserves? Y'know they let me shoot one of those M-12 machine guns, y'know those ones you guys had in 'Nam? Pretty fun. Can y; can you get this spot right?"
  • (Wife In Car) "Get him away from the car."
  • (Husband In Car) "Just this spot --"
  • (Bronson) "Let's go."
  • (Bronson) "Weekend warrior."
  • (Doorman) "Everybody's a hot-headed gangster. Everybody's Mister Mafia. Ha. The Don. The Don of Douchebags, that's what you are. Nick; Nick the Dick. That's what they call you, behind your back, you and your restaurant. Your stinkin' restaurant."
  • (Wendy) "Mr Snizer, get off of me."
  • (Frank Schnizer) "Aww come on, give me a chance. Jesus Christ. What am I, poison?"
  • (Wendy) "No, you're dead weight. Now get off of me before my tits come out of my back."
  • (Bitchy Businesswoman) "Officer, he's in tremendous pain, can't you do something?"
  • (Bill The Cop) "Lady, I can only save one person at a time."
  • (Bitchy Businesswoman) "What, because he's a male?"
  • (Bill The Cop) "Did anybody throw anything?"
  • (Concerned Businessman) "Sss; no, it suddenly happened; suddenly; uh --"
  • (Bitchy Businesswoman) "Can I talk now? Why don't you do something for this man and stop following the rules?"
  • (Bill The Cop) "Lady, what's the difference between you and a tape recorder except that I can't shut you off?"
  • (Bitchy Businesswoman) "You know, you're the type of cop that would use a traffic violation as a ruse to pull me over and rape me."
  • (Bill The Cop) "Baby, I ain't sure you don't got a cock."
  • (Frank Schnizer) "I don't need this. I already got trouble with my kids, my wife, my business, my secretary, the bums -- the runaways, the roaches, prickly heat, and a homo dog. This just ain't my day."
  • (Fred) "f*** you. Gimme a bottle of booze, here's my dollar, suck my dick."
  • (Bill The Cop) "Hey, com'on, I read like old people f***."

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