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The Siege (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) Quotes

The Siege (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . The Siege stopped airing in 1970.

It features Dennis McCarthy (composer) in charge of musical score.

The Siege (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) Quotes

  • (Commander Sisko) "We don't want to fight you or hurt anyone. Your officers will be our guests for a while. I hope they won't mind Starfleet combat rations."
  • (Major Kira Nerys) "You're being a fool, Dax."
  • (Lieutenant Jadzia Dax) "Don't talk to your elders that way."
  • (Li Nalas) "Off the hook, after all."
  • (Major Kira Nerys) "Somehow you figured now that he was here -- things would be better. You know, he'd -- he'd find a way to make things better. Because he was a man who could do that; a great man. I wish I knew where we could find others like him."
  • (Commander Sisko) "Major, there are heroes all over Bajor. I'm sitting with one."
  • (Major Kira Nerys) "There is one problem."
  • (Lieutenant Jadzia Dax) ""One"?"
  • (Major Kira Nerys) "The guys flying those ships --"
  • (Lieutenant Jadzia Dax) "Yeah?"
  • (Major Kira Nerys) "-- used to be the guys flying these ships."
  • (Lieutenant Jadzia Dax) "So what do you think?"
  • (Major Kira Nerys) "Think?"
  • (Lieutenant Jadzia Dax) "The nose."
  • (Major Kira Nerys) "Oh. It-it's flattering."
  • (Lieutenant Jadzia Dax) "I'm thinking of keeping it."
  • (Lieutenant Jadzia Dax) "How did you ever win a war in these things?"
  • (Major Kira Nerys) "We were the insects, Lieutenant. The Cardassians were just as allergic as Trills."
  • (Quark) "Hey, Odo. You'll miss me. You know you will, say it."
  • (Odo) "I'll miss you, Quark."
  • (Quark) "You said it."
  • (Odo) "I'll miss the aggravation, the petty theft, the bad manners --"
  • (Quark) "Odo; take care of yourself."
  • (Commander Sisko) "Sisko to all units; you can thank Chief of Operations Miles O'Brien for your repast this afternoon."
  • (Dr. Julian Bashir) "Woah; you haven't made any friends here, Chief; or should I say 'chef'?"
  • (Chief O'Brien) "Sir, can I ask you something?"
  • (Commander Sisko) "Sure."
  • (Chief O'Brien) "About Li Nalas."
  • (Commander Sisko) "M-hm."
  • (Chief O'Brien) "Well, listening to Kira talk about all he was, all he did, all he was going through -- She makes him sound like he was larger than life, like he was some kind of military genius. But the Li Nalas I --"
  • (Commander Sisko) "Chief, Li Nalas was the hero of the Bajoran resistance. He performed extraordinary acts of courage for his people and died for their freedom. That's how the history books on Bajor will be written, and that's how I'll remember him, when anybody asks."
  • (Quark) "My ship -- the Rio Grande -- my brother's on it; he's got my ticket."
  • (Dr. Julian Bashir) "That ship is full, sir, I checked the list myself, and Quark's name wasn't on it. His brother Rom did go aboard, but he was with a dabo girl."
  • (Quark) "A dabo girl? What?"
  • (Commander Sisko) "Looks like he sold your seat."
  • (Quark) "Rom, do you actually believe that I would sacrifice my own brother's life? For personal profit?"
  • (Quark) "It would have to be the deal of a lifetime."
  • (Rom) "Yes; my lifetime."
  • (Lieutenant Jadzia Dax) "Agh. Whoa -- What's that, is that a spider or a dog?"
  • (Major Kira Nerys) "Palukoo. The Bajoran moons are full of 'em."
  • (Lieutenant Jadzia Dax) "Oh, I suppose you used to make them your pets and, uh, sing songs about them around the campfire?"
  • (Major Kira Nerys) "No; we used to eat 'em."

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