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Thirteen (2003 film) Quotes

Thirteen (2003 film) is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . Thirteen completed its run in 1970.

It features Jeff Levy-Hinte as producer, Mark Mothersbaugh in charge of musical score, and Elliot Davis (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Thirteen (2003 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Thirteen (2003 film) is 100 minutes long. Thirteen (2003 film) is distributed by Fox Searchlight Pictures.

The cast includes: Evan Rachel Wood as Tracy, Holly Hunter as Melanie, Nikki Reed as Evie, Jenicka Carey as Astrid, Sarah Blakely-Cartwright as Medina, Jenicka Carey as Astird, Deborah Kara Unger as Brooke, Brady Corbet as Mason, Kip Pardue as Luke, Holly Hunter as Mel, and Jeremy Sisto as Brady.

Thirteen (2003 film) Quotes

Holly Hunter as Melanie

  • (Holly Hunter) "How do you explain $860 in your purse?"
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "What do you expect me to say mom? We jacked it, okay. It's not like your broke-ass ever has any money to give me. Mom, when Brady went to that halfway house, what happened to our phone, our cable? You didn't even know how to pay the bills. It's no wonder Dad didn't want to be with you, you didn't even finish high school."
  • (Holly Hunter) "We're doing okay Tracy. We don't have extra stuff, but you know we're doing okay. You don't have to steal."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "Oh Mom, you knew what was going on with all those clothes and s***. Christ, you're not that dumb, are you?"
  • (Holly Hunter) "I didn't know it went that far."
  • (Holly Hunter) "Don't ever start smoking."
  • (Nikki Reed) "Is everything okay Mel?"
  • (Holly Hunter) "Yeah."
  • (Holly Hunter) "No. Evie, I'm sorry, but I think it's time for you to go home."
  • (Nikki Reed) "I can't go home. Brooke had a convention in Bakersfield, she said she sent you an email."
  • (Holly Hunter) "I guess I didn't check my email."
  • (Nikki Reed) "I'm sorry Mel. I hope it's okay that I'm here."
  • (Holly Hunter) "Well -- I guess it's gonna have to be, isn't it?"
  • (Nikki Reed) "Her boyfriend hits me Mel."
  • (Nikki Reed) "He grabbed my throat and he threw me against his van."
  • (Holly Hunter) "Oh jesus."
  • (Holly Hunter) "Where's your mother baby?"
  • (Nikki Reed) "She passed away."
  • (Holly Hunter) "I didn't have a mother when I was your age either. I know how hard it is. I do."
  • (Holly Hunter) "I want you here with me. You're my heart. I'll make it right."
  • (Holly Hunter) "god**** dollar-fifty-a-square-foot floor."
  • (Holly Hunter) "If this gets you laid, you owe me double."
  • (Holly Hunter) "Have you been drinking?"
  • (Brady Corbet) "Of course she has because she's always f***ING DRINKING, isn't she?"
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "Oh, like you never have."
  • (Jeremy Sisto) "Hey, what's going on?"
  • (Holly Hunter) "I love you and your brother more than anything in the world. I would die for you, but I won't leave you alone right now."

Evan Rachel Wood as Tracy

  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "We are so perfect for each other. You know, if everybody married someone from a different race, then in one generation there would be no prejudice."
  • (Nikki Reed) "So you had a good time?"
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "Yeah. But it tasted kinda nasty."
  • (Nikki Reed) "What? We didn't go over that one."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "So you're a model?"
  • (Nikki Reed) "She's a model-slash-actress."
  • (Deborah Kara Unger) "Slash-bartender who's about to be late for work."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "Mom. I have to go to the bathroom, now."
  • (Holly Hunter) "Can't you hold it a minute?"
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "That's how you get a bladder infection, you child abuser."
  • (Holly Hunter) "That's dramatic."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "Hey Mason, who would you say is the hottest girl in school?"
  • (Brady Corbet) "Evie Zamora."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "Guess who I hung out with today."
  • (Brady Corbet) "Bull."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "Melrose Avenue. (Mason looks at her in awe) What? Like that's so hard to believe --"
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "So, Brady, how was the halfway house?"
  • (Jeremy Sisto) "Same as the last one, Tracy."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "Geez, Mom, why don't you open a hotel? You could get payed for all this s***."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "Mom, do you know the difference between point-slope form and slope-intercept form? See, that's why I need to be here at the library. They have tutors."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "The fur was thicker at Red Balls."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "Oh Hampton, he's my baby, yes --"
  • (Nikki Reed) "Hey Mason."
  • (Nikki Reed) "move ya g-string down South."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "Gross. That's my brother."
  • (Nikki Reed) "Relax. Maybe I'll marry into the family."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "So, you wanna just go to the boardwalk and sell some s***?"
  • (Jenicka Carey) "I can't. I'm late for my Biology actually, we're doing a play and I'm the mermaid."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "All of a sudden Medina has a ghetto booty?"
  • (Nikki Reed) "I think she stuffs."
  • (Jenicka Carey) "That slut ain't got s*** compared to THESE double-cheesburgers."
  • (Sarah Blakely-Cartwright) "Shake it, don't break it, bitch."
  • (Jenicka Carey) "f*** her."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "He was crippled but only his body was cracked it's not simple nor is it an easy manor to explain lets just leave it at that she says and closes the holly book of lies she covers her eyes denying to herself what she thought happened."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "Would you like me to model my new thong? Great for pooping on the go."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "Hit me. I'm serious, I can't feel anything, hit me. Again, do it harder. I can't feel anything, this is so awesome."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "Why don't you tell Mom how you get stoned every night with Roffa?"
  • (Brady Corbet) "She knows I smoke pot, Tracy. Look at your pupils. You're so f***ing busted."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "Well, what do you think? Are we hot or what?"
  • (Holly Hunter) "That WAS your brother's favorite t-shirt."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "Mothers, lock up your sons."

Brady Corbet as Mason

  • (Brady Corbet) "What? You wanna hit me, Tracy? Go ahead and hit me. You will go to jail, you f***ing slut."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "Don't call me a slut. Mom, Mason just called me a slut."
  • (Brady Corbet) "Stupid f***er."
  • (Brady Corbet) "Stupid f***er --"
  • (Brady Corbet) "Ah, sweetie. Back that ass up --"
  • (Teen) "I'd like to see that thong on my bedroom floor."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "Too bad you'll never know."
  • (Teen) "TRACY?"
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "Ahhhh s***, God. f*** It."
  • (Teen) "Hey Tracy, here's your Cokes."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "I didn't pay for them anyway."
  • (Teen) "Probably didn't have to wit' yo' fine ass."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "f*** you."
  • (Brady Corbet) "Oh, baby, back that ass up."
  • (Brady Corbet) "Tracy?"

Nikki Reed as Evie

  • (Nikki Reed) "How about we make a Luke sandwich?"
  • (Kip Pardue) "Um, how about you're jailbait?"
  • (Nikki Reed) "The itsy-bitsy spider dropped acid at the park --"
  • (Nikki Reed) "Something peed in your bed."
  • (Nikki Reed) "I hear this little wah-wah-wah inside my head --"
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "That's your brain cells popping."

Deborah Kara Unger as Brooke

  • (Deborah Kara Unger) "We're moving to Ojai, so you won't be seeing Evie again. Ever. You're really cruel, Tracy. I mean, I'm sure you can be a sweet kid when you want, but right now you're a really bad influence. I mean, you cheat, you lie, you steal --"
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "Oh my God. Are you kidding me, who do you think I learned all this s*** from."
  • (Holly Hunter) "Tracy was playing with Barbies before she met Evie."
  • (Deborah Kara Unger) "Did she teach you to beat the crap out of her as well? Don't even start with me, I've seen the bruises, little one."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "What the hell did you tell her Evie?"
  • (Deborah Kara Unger) "Come here, what about this?"
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "What the f***? We were just goofing."
  • (Holly Hunter) "Tracy didn't hit her."
  • (Nikki Reed) "Yes she did."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "I don't believe this s***, she hit me too."
  • (Deborah Kara Unger) "And look at this Mel. You're gonna love this --"
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "Don't you dare. No don't please --"
  • (Holly Hunter) "Take your hands off her --"
  • (Deborah Kara Unger) "She cuts."
  • (Evan Rachel Wood) "It's none of your business you f***ing frankenstein."
  • (Deborah Kara Unger) "Oh no, this child IS my business, you little c***."
  • (Holly Hunter) "That's it, you need to get out."
  • (Holly Hunter) "Get out."
  • (Nikki Reed) "Who would want to live in this s*** hole anyway? It f***ing stinks in here Mel."

Kip Pardue as Luke

  • (Kip Pardue) "No. Bad. Danger, Will Robinson, danger."

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