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Gangs of New York Quotes

Gangs of New York is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . Gangs of New York stopped airing in 1970.

It features Howard Shore in charge of musical score, and Michael Ballhaus as head of cinematography.

Gangs of New York is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Gangs of New York is 168 minutes long. Gangs of New York is distributed by Miramax Films.

The cast includes: Leonardo DiCaprio as Amsterdam Vallon, Daniel Day-Lewis as Bill, Liam Neeson as Priest Vallon, Brendan Gleeson as Walter 'Monk' McGinn, Cameron Diaz as Jenny, John C. Reilly as Happy Jack, Eddie Marsan as Killoran, Gary Lewis as McGloin, Barbara Bouchet as Miss Schermerhorn, and Stephen Graham as Shang.

Gangs of New York Quotes

Leonardo DiCaprio as Amsterdam Vallon

  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "Our name is called "The Dead Rabbits" to remind all of our suffering, and as a call to those who suffer still to join our ranks. However far they may have strayed from our common home across the sea. For with great numbers must come great strength in the salvation of our people."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "Challenge."
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "Challenge accepted."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "In the end, they put candles on the bodies so's their friends, if they had any, could know them in the dark. The city did this free of charge. Shang, Jimmy Spoils, Hell-cat, McGloin, and more. Friend or foe, didn't make no difference now. It was four days and nights before the worst of the mob was finally put down. We never knew how many New Yorkers died that week before the city was finally delivered. My father told me we was all born of blood and tribulation, and so then too was our great city. But for those of us what lived and died in them furious days, it was like everything we knew was mightily swept away. And no matter what they did to build this city up again -- for the rest of time -- it would be like no one ever knew we was even here."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "Is there anyone in the five points you haven't f***ed?"
  • (Cameron Diaz) "Yes. You."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "Jenny was a Bluget, a girl pickpocket and a turtledove. A turtledove picks out a fine house, disguises herself as a housemaid and robs you blind. It takes a lot of sand to be a turtledove."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "Lord, place the steel of the Holy Spirit in my spine and the love of the Virgin Mary in my heart."
  • (Boss Tweed) "That man was right born for this."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "He's killed 44 men, and laid low a couple hundred more."
  • (Boss Tweed) "Is that right? We should have run him for mayor."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "When you kill a king, you don't stab him in the dark. You kill him where the entire court can watch him die."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "The earth turns, but we don't feel it more. And one night you look up. One spark and the whole sky is on fire."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "New York loved William Tweed -- and hated him but for those of us trying to be thieves, we couldn't help but admire him."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "The past is a torch that lights our way. Where our fathers have shown us the path, we shall follow. Our faith is the weapon most feared by our enemies. For thereby shall we lift our people up against those who would destroy us."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "It's a funny feeling being taken under the wing of a dragon. It's warmer than you'd think."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "I give you my word, this all will be finished tomorrow."
  • (Cameron Diaz) "No, it won't."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "I think he's making his peace with God."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "-- And no matter what they did to build this city up again, for the rest of time, it will be like no-one even knew we was ever here."

Daniel Day-Lewis as Bill

  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "Pistols?"
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "No pistols."
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "Good boy."
  • (Boss Tweed) "You may or may not know, Bill, that everyday I go down to the waterfront with hot soup for the Irish as they come ashore. Its part of building a political base."
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "I've noticed you there, you may have noticed me."
  • (Boss Tweed) "Indeed I have. Throwing torrents of abuse to every single person who steps off those boats."
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "If only I had the guns, Mr. Tweed, I'd shoot each and every one of them before they set foot on American soil."
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "How old are you, Amsterdam?"
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "I'm not sure, sir. I never did quite figure it."
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "I'm forty-seven. Forty-seven years old. You know how I stayed alive this long? All these years? Fear. The spectacle of fearsome acts. Somebody steals from me, I cut off his hands. He offends me, I cut out his tongue. He rises against me, I cut off his head, stick it on a pike, raise it high up so all on the streets can see. That's what preserves the order of things. Fear."
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "Anything in your pockets?"
  • (Cameron Diaz) "I ain't started working yet."
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "Now that you've had a taste of my mutton, how do you like it?"
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "Thank God. I die a true American."
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "Civilization is crumbling"
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "Everything you see belongs to me, to one degree or another. The beggars and newsboys and quick thieves here in Paradise, the sailor dives and gin mills and blind tigers on the waterfront, the anglers and amusers, the she-hes and the Chinks. Everybody owes, everybody pays. Because that's how you stand up against the rising of the tide."
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "Look at that. What in Christ's name is that? Rhythms of the Dark Continent thrown into the kettle with an Irish shindig. Stir it around a few times, pull it out, it's a fine American mess. A jig doing a jig."
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "Whose man are you?"
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "That, my friends, is the minority vote."
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "Careful, Tweedy. The Mort's Frenchified."
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "Is this it priest, the Pope's new army, a few crusty bitches and a hand full of rag tags?"
  • (Liam Neeson) "Now, now, Bill, you swore this was a battle between warriors, not a bunch of miss nancies, so warriors is what I brought."
  • (Boss Tweed) "You're a good one for the fighting, Bill. But you can't fight forever."
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "I can go down doing it."
  • (Boss Tweed) "And you will."
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "What did you say?"
  • (Boss Tweed) "I said, you're turning your back on the future."
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "Not our future."
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "We hold in our hearts the memory of our fallen brothers whose blood stains the very streets we walk today. Also on this night we pay tribute to the leader of our enemies, an honorable man, who crossed over bravely, fighting for what he believed in. To defeat my enemy, I extinguish his life, and consume him as I consume these flames. In honor of Priest Vallon."
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "Mulberry Street -- and Worth -- Cross and Orange -- and Little Water. Each of the Five Points is a finger. When I close my hand it becomes a fist. And, if I wish, I can turn it against you."
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "I killed the last honorable man, 15 years ago. Since then it's -- You seen his portrait downstairs?"
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "Mm-hmm."
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "'S your mouth all glued-up with cunny juice? I asked you a question."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "I said I seen it, sir."
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "Oh, you got a murderous streak in you."
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "Well draw it mildly son. Happy Jack don't fill his lungs without I tell him he may do so."
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "At my challenge, by the ancient laws of combat, we are met at this chosen ground, to settle for good and all who holds sway over the five points: us natives, born rightwise to this fine land, or the foreign hordes defiling it."
  • (Unnamed) "Yeah."
  • (Liam Neeson) "By the ancient laws of combat, I accept the challenge of the so called "natives." They plague our people at every turn, but from this day out, they shall plague us no more. For let it be known, that the hand that tries to strike us from this land shall be swiftly cut down."
  • (Unnamed) "YEAH."
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "Look to me. Who is this under my knife."
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "Burn him, see if his ashes turn green."
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "You. Whatever your name is -- what is your name?"
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "Amsterdam, sir."
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "Amsterdam -- I'm New York -- don't you never come in here empty handed again, you gotta pay for the pleasure of my company."
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "Is this the Pope's new army?"
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "I took the father, now I'll take the son."
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "Ears and noses will be the trophies of the day. But no hand shall touch him."
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "Oranges, delicious. What a peach. You should put her on the stage."
  • (Unnamed) "He knows my name."
  • (John C. Reilly) "He prides himself on knowing."
  • (Boss Tweed) "You killed an elected official?"
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "Who elected him?"
  • (Boss Tweed) "You don't know what you've done to yourself."
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "I know your works. You are neither cold nor hot. So because you are lukewarm, I will spew you out of my mouth. You can build your filthy world without me. I took the father. Now I'll take the son. You tell young Vallon I'm gonna paint Paradise Square with his blood. Two coats. I'll festoon my bedchamber with his guts. As for you, Mr. Tammany-f***ing-Hall, you come down to the Points again, and you'll be dispatched by my own hand. Get back to your celebration and let me eat in peace."
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "WOOPSY DAISY."
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "The Priest and me, we lived by the same principles. It was only faith divided us. He gave me this, you know? That was the finest beating I ever took. My face was pulp. My guts was pierced, my ribs was all mashed up. And when he came to finish me, I couldn't look him in the eye. He spared me, because he wanted me to live in shame. This was a great man. A great man. So I out out the eye that looked away, I sent it to him wrapped in blue paper. I would've cut them both out if I could have fought him blind. And I rose back up again with a full heart -- and buried him in his own blood. He was the only man I ever killed worth remembering."

Cameron Diaz as Jenny

  • (Cameron Diaz) "When I was twelve years old, my mother was dead, and I was livin' in a doorway. He took me in. Took care of me, in his way. After they cut out the baby -- well, he doesn't fancy girls that's scarred up. But you might as well know in your own mind that he never laid a hand on me until I asked him to."
  • (Cameron Diaz) "Look where you are going, Johnny."
  • (Cameron Diaz) "You look stunned and poorly, sir."
  • (Cameron Diaz) "Quite a pair of conversationists, aren't you."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "Maybe not. We're deep thinkers."
  • (Cameron Diaz) "Well then. Gentlemen, I leave you in the grace and favour of the Lord."

Liam Neeson as Priest Vallon

  • (Liam Neeson) "No son, never. The blood stays on the blade. One day you'll understand."
  • (Liam Neeson) "Prepare to meet the true lord."
  • (Liam Neeson) "Don't never look away."
  • (Liam Neeson) "Well well, Monk. Are you with us or not?"
  • (Brendan Gleeson) "For the last time Vallon, I'm with you if the money's right."
  • (Liam Neeson) "I'll give you ten per notch."
  • (Brendan Gleeson) "Ten?"
  • (Liam Neeson) "You have my word."
  • (Brendan Gleeson) "Ten per notch?"
  • (Liam Neeson) "Per new notch."
  • (Brendan Gleeson) "Then I'm your man."

Brendan Gleeson as Walter 'Monk' McGinn

  • (Brendan Gleeson) "That's it, that's it. Tear my head off and destruct the world. Just like the rest of the stupid Irish in this country. That's why I never ran with your dad."
  • (Leonardo DiCaprio) "Get off me you crazy bastard."
  • (Brendan Gleeson) "It means, 'If you're not strong you'd better be smart.' Now I don't know if you're being too clever or too dumb, but whichever it is just remember this much. For all his faults, your father was a man who loved his people."
  • (Brendan Gleeson) "This man is trying to draw me into an argument."
  • (Brendan Gleeson) "Well that was bloody Shakespearian. Do you know who Shakespeare is? He wrote the King James Bible."
  • (Brendan Gleeson) "Is that meself looking as sober as the day I was born?"

John C. Reilly as Happy Jack

  • (John C. Reilly) "I come for my due and proper."
  • (John C. Reilly) "Thank ye boys. You keep out of trouble now."
  • (John C. Reilly) "I'm paid to uphold the law."
  • (Daniel Day-Lewis) "What in Heaven's name are you talking about?"

Gary Lewis as McGloin

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Stephen Graham as Shang

  • (Stephen Graham) "Bastards."

Barbara Bouchet as Miss Schermerhorn

  • (Barbara Bouchet) "Is that man drunk?"
  • (John C. Reilly) "Och, dead as Good Friday, miss."

Eddie Marsan as Killoran

  • (Eddie Marsan) "Monk's already won by three thousand more votes than there are voters."
  • (Boss Tweed) "Only three? Make it twenty, thirty. We don't need a victory. We need a Roman triumph."

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