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Grey 17 Is Missing Quotes

Grey 17 Is Missing is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . Grey 17 Is Missing stopped airing in 1970.

Grey 17 Is Missing Quotes

  • (Zack Allan) "Name?"
  • (Unnamed) "Harry. Harry Sanders."
  • (Zack Allan) "And you're a telepath?"
  • (Unnamed) "Sure. What's the job pay?"
  • (Zack Allan) "Well, it's not a job, it's more like an adventure. A chance to fight the bad guys."
  • (Michael Garibaldi) "Captain. You wouldn't believe the day I've had."
  • (Capt. John Sheridan) "The day you've had? We had an assault on Marcus, someone got into the Rangers' ceremony, could have killed Delenn. And where were you?"
  • (Michael Garibaldi) "Okay. Well first, there was this missing maintenance man, only he wasn't missing. He was killed by a Zarg, but I'm getting ahead of myself. That was after I found out that the entire 17th floor of Grey Sector had completely disappeared. Well, not disappeared exactly. This weird cult had taken over the place, see. Then there was a dummy that shot tranqs out of its eyes. Very strange. But it was all supposed to be perfect. That was the thing about it. And there wasn't a way out, but there was. Except it was spiritual, you had to die a perfect death. That's where the Zarg came in and it was gonna kill me or I was gonna kill it, and; Am I going too fast for you?"
  • (Marcus Cole) "I am a Ranger. We walk in the dark places no others may enter. We stand on the bridge, and no one may pass. We live for the One. We DIE for the ONE."
  • (Supervisor) "I'm telling you, it's like he just vanished into thin air."
  • (Michael Garibaldi) ""Thin air." Why is it always "thin air"? Never fat air, chubby air, mostly-fit-could-stand-to-lose-a-few-pounds air."
  • (Supervisor) "I'm sorry, Sir, that's not my department."
  • (Neroon) "There is now blood between us, and there is blood between the warrior caste and the humans. I do not think they would die for me -- but they would die -- for you -- ENTIL'ZHA."
  • (Lennier) "Delenn, all we know is that we will die. It is only a matter of how, when and whether or not it is with honor."
  • (Neroon) "Denn-Shar, you said. To the death- and death there was. The death was mine. To see a Human invoke the name of Valen. To be willing to die for one of my kind when I was intent upon killing one of my own. The rightness of my cause disappeared. Strange, that a human in his last moments would be more Minbari than I. Perhaps it is true what Delenn said: That we are not of the same blood, but we are of the same heart."
  • (Marcus Cole) "The next time; the next time you want a revelation; could you possibly find a way; that isn't quite so; uncomfortable?"
  • (Neroon) "Why? Why all this? Pride? Duty? You've been trained well, but you must've known you couldn't win. So why do it?"
  • (Marcus Cole) "For her -- We live for the one, we die for the one. Isil'zha sendi, in Valen's name."
  • (Lennier) "I'm trying to avoid breaking a promise, by breaking a promise. I promised Delenn that I would not speak of this to the captain or let him know. She did not mention you by name, but that was implicit. If I tell the others in the chain of command then Sheridan will find out and I will have broken the promise. But if I break my promise by telling you, since you are not in the chain of command, he may not find out about this and I will not have broken the promise."
  • (Marcus Cole) "I:m in awe, Lennier. The way you can take a straightforward, logical proposition and turn it inside out so that in the end it says what you want it to say, instead of what it actually means. Did this come naturally, or did you attend some special martial arts class for the philosophically inclined?"
  • (Delenn) "No Minbari has killed another for a thousand years."

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