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Harry and Tonto Quotes

Harry and Tonto is a television show that first aired in 1970 . Harry and Tonto completed its run in 1970.

It features Paul Mazursky as producer, Bill Conti in charge of musical score, and Michael Butler (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Harry and Tonto is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Harry and Tonto is 115 minutes long. Harry and Tonto is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Art Carney as Harry, Ellen Burstyn as Shirley, Josh Mostel as Norman, Melanie Mayron as Ginger, Cliff DeYoung as Burt Coombes Jr., Herbert Berghof as Jacob Rivetowski, Avon Long as Leroy, Dolly Jonah as Elaine Coombes, Arthur Hunnicutt as Wade Carlton, Barbara Rhoades as Stephanie, Chief Dan George as Sam Two Feathers, and Larry Hagman as Eddie Coombes.

Harry and Tonto Quotes

Art Carney as Harry

  • (Art Carney) "Who's the vice president this week?"
  • (Newspaper vendor) "Who cares?"
  • (Art Carney) "Shirley?"
  • (Ellen Burstyn) "What?"
  • (Art Carney) "Do you love me?"
  • (Ellen Burstyn) "Look, I'll tell you something, Harry: I don't always like you, but I do love you."
  • (Art Carney) "Then why do we always argue?"
  • (Ellen Burstyn) "I don't know. I guess that's the way we talk to each other, Harry."
  • (Art Carney) "Jacob, they want me to move."
  • (Herbert Berghof) "What?"
  • (Art Carney) "I got a notice that they're tearing down my building. They're putting up a fancy parking lot."
  • (Herbert Berghof) "Capitalist bastards."
  • (Unnamed) "Have you got 35 cents?"
  • (Art Carney) "Why thirty-five?"
  • (Unnamed) "I wanna' buy a mink coat."
  • (Art Carney) "You know, the strangest thing about being old is -- all your friends are dead."
  • (Ellen Burstyn) "Well, all your old friends, maybe. You could make new friends, you know?"
  • (Art Carney) "This is the first time in my life I've ever been in jail."
  • (Chief Dan George) "What are you in for?"
  • (Art Carney) "Peeing."
  • (Chief Dan George) "I got a ticket once for s***ting."
  • (Art Carney) "Where'd you do it?"
  • (Chief Dan George) "No, not me. My horse; in a hotel lobby."
  • (Art Carney) "Oh."
  • (Art Carney) "There were trolleys, Tonto. Cobblestones. The aroma of corned beef and cabbage. The tangy zest of -- apple strudel. You had to hand-crank the cars in those days, Tonto. Cars like REO's, Franklins, Hudsons. Those were names fit for a car. These days a man doesn't know whether he's driving a car or an animal: "Mustangs," "Jaguars," "Cougars," -- "Pintos."; Silly."
  • (Art Carney) "You never really feel somebody's suffering; you only feel their death."
  • (Art Carney) "Did you see that?"
  • (Herbert Berghof) "No."
  • (Art Carney) "Fellow almost ran me over."
  • (Herbert Berghof) "What kind of car?"
  • (Art Carney) "I don't know -- a big gray job."
  • (Herbert Berghof) "Capitalist bastard."
  • (Unnamed) "I am 62 years old."
  • (Unnamed) "I can't get it up unless I take a dose of strychnine."
  • (Art Carney) "Strychnine? I thought strychnine was poisonous?"
  • (Unnamed) "Naw, no -- It really gives you a lift, you know? But I wanna' tell ya, it isn't worth it. 'Cause I get such terrible headaches. Right through my skull. "Bong. Bong." Like a sledgehammer. So, a fella' has to decide whether he wants a migraine headache -- or a piece of ass, you know?"
  • (Art Carney) "Well, Nick, you live and learn."
  • (Art Carney) "I know lihe is confusing. We're just trying to get on with it."

Ellen Burstyn as Shirley

  • (Ellen Burstyn) "I like you, Norman."
  • (Josh Mostel) "I like you too, Aunt Shirley, but I think you're a bitch."

Arthur Hunnicutt as Wade Carlton

  • (Arthur Hunnicutt) "I love my work."
  • (Arthur Hunnicutt) "So I was broke. I rode me down to Galveston. Read an article in the paper -- about catchin' sharks. Shark's good for a lot of things. Got a job with a Portuguese feller. Caught sharks till I couldn't move my arms. Made me $300 and come home. Hadn't shaved for three weeks. Come walkin' up to the front door. The wife thought it was a bum. Told me to clear on out. That's when I got into cats."
  • (Art Carney) "Your wife still alive?"
  • (Arthur Hunnicutt) "Nope. Buried three of 'em. Good women. Bad diets."

Cliff DeYoung as Burt Coombes Jr.

  • (Cliff DeYoung) "I know you think you're really far out. You smoke a couple of joints, and you think you're into something, right? No -- hey, I know. I mean, I took 32 trips, you ninny. Pure stuff. Pure rainbow. I had more coke stuffed up this nose than you could breathe air. I was into heavy Tibetan meditation for two years, you jimbo."
  • (Art Carney) "You're not very tolerant, Junior."
  • (Cliff DeYoung) "The heaviest thing I can do for him is to- --"
  • (Cliff DeYoung) "wake him up."

Chief Dan George as Sam Two Feathers

  • (Chief Dan George) "I love my work."
  • (Chief Dan George) "I practice good medicine on good people -- bad medicine on bad people."

Herbert Berghof as Jacob Rivetowski

  • (Herbert Berghof) "We are in for a depression -- that will make the 30's look like paradise. Maybe it's a good thing; the hard-hats and the phony liberals will kill each other."
  • (Herbert Berghof) "You can't fight capitalism in the courts. You got to go to the streets. Man the barricades, plant the dynamite. Blow up the cesspool."

Barbara Rhoades as Stephanie

  • (Barbara Rhoades) "When's the last time you made it, Harry?"
  • (Art Carney) "Oh, I haven't had sex in a long time."
  • (Barbara Rhoades) "Had? Or enjoyed?"
  • (Art Carney) "What's the difference?"
  • (Barbara Rhoades) "You'll have to pay to find out."

Avon Long as Leroy

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Dolly Jonah as Elaine Coombes

  • (Dolly Jonah) "I was gonna' try and cook some authentic soul food, but then I got afraid it wouldn't turn out all right. But I love the soul food. Burt and I ate it at a little place in the East Village that specializes in it -- It's run by an elderly Afro-American woman."
  • (Avon Long) "I didn't know they had soul food in Africa."

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