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The Doom Generation Quotes

The Doom Generation is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . The Doom Generation ended its run in 1970.

It features Gregg Araki, and Andrea Sperling as producer, Dan Gatto in charge of musical score, and Jim Fealy as head of cinematography.

The Doom Generation is recorded in English and originally aired in United States, and France. Each episode of The Doom Generation is 83 minutes long. The Doom Generation is distributed by Trimark Pictures, and Haut et Court.

The cast includes: Rose McGowan as Amy, James Duval as Jordan, Rose McGowan as Amy Blue, Jonathon Schaech as Xavier, Cress Williams as Peanut, James Duval as Jordan White, Jonathon Schaech as Xavier Red, and Parker Posey as Brandi.

The Doom Generation Quotes

Jonathon Schaech as Xavier

  • (Jonathon Schaech) "What, mommy and daddy won't be all worried about their baby girl?"
  • (Rose McGowan) "My mom used to be a heroin addict, and now she's a Scientologist."
  • (Jonathon Schaech) "You want a Dorito?"
  • (Jonathon Schaech) "You always have to be a pessimist, don't you? Little Miss Doom and Gloom. Well f*** you."
  • (Jonathon Schaech) "Girls have no sense of adventure."
  • (Jonathon Schaech) "Sniff my finger. Come on, sniff my finger and tell me it doesn't smell like your girlfriend's sweet, juicy snatch."

Rose McGowan as Amy

  • (Rose McGowan) "Oh my God. If i don't find my skull lighter, I'll, like, slit my wrists."
  • (Rose McGowan) "Why don't you go PASSIONATELY f*** yourself?"
  • (Rose McGowan) "What is this, night of the living BRAIN-dead?"
  • (Rose McGowan) "Look, you f***ing chunky pumpkinhead. I don't know what the f*** you're talking about."
  • (Cashier) "You told me you loved me -- You told me you'd never leave me --"
  • (Rose McGowan) "What is this, Night of the Living Brain-dead? Wake up and smell the cappucino, geek. I don't know you, I've never f***ing seen you before, I don't know who the f*** this 'Sunshine' is."
  • (Rose McGowan) "f***."
  • (Rose McGowan) "When nature calls, it f***ing hollers."
  • (Rose McGowan) "Just -- ugh -- put your dick in me."
  • (James Duval) "I'm -- I'm trying."
  • (Rose McGowan) "You're like a life support system for a cock."
  • (Rose McGowan) "If bulls*** were music, you'd be a big brass band."
  • (Rose McGowan) "Eat my f***."
  • (Rose McGowan) "Sometimes I feel like the city is sucking away at my soul."

James Duval as Jordan White

  • (James Duval) "Do you love me, babe?"
  • (Rose McGowan) "Sure. I totally do, babe."
  • (James Duval) "I feel like a gerbil smothering in Richard Gere's butthole."
  • (James Duval) ""I love you" can mean a lot of things -- like "you'll do 'till someone better comes along," or "I can't describe how I really feel but I know that I'm supposed to say this," or "Shut up, I'm watching TV.""
  • (James Duval) "I'm worried about catching AIDS."
  • (Rose McGowan) "But we're both virgins."

Parker Posey as Brandi

  • (Parker Posey) "(draws a sword) I am gonna lop his -- dick off -- like a chicken head."
  • (Parker Posey) "But it was her. It was Kitten. That bitch -- I'm gonna find her. And I'm gonna kill her."

Cress Williams as Peanut

  • (Cress Williams) "Who pissed in your Froot Loops?"

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