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Watership Down (film) Quotes

Watership Down (film) is a television program that debuted in 1970 . Watership Down ended in 1970.

It features Martin Rosen as producer, and Angela Morley in charge of musical score.

Watership Down (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Watership Down (film) is 91 minutes long. Watership Down (film) is distributed by Cinema International Corporation.

The cast includes: John Hurt as Hazel, Joss Ackland as Black Rabbit, Zero Mostel as Kehaar, Michael Hordern as Frith, Michael Graham Cox as Bigwig, Hannah Gordon as Hyzenthlay, Richard Briers as Fiver, John Bennett as Holly, Simon Cadell as Blackberry, Nigel Hawthorne as Campion, Richard O'Callaghan as Dandelion, Roy Kinnear as Pipkin, Terence Rigby as Silver, and Clifton Jones as Blackavar.

Watership Down (film) Quotes

Richard Briers as Fiver

  • (Richard Briers) "Look. Look. That's the place for us. High, lonely hills, where the wind and the sound carry, and the ground's as dry as straw in a barn. That's where we ought to be. That's where we have to get to."
  • (Richard Briers) "Hazel, look -- the field -- it's covered with blood."
  • (Richard Briers) "There's something very queer about the warren this evening --"
  • (John Hurt) "Is it dangerous?"
  • (Richard Briers) "It's not exactly danger, it's -- oh, I don't know. Something oppressive -- like thunder."
  • (Richard Briers) "You pay for it. The food, the warren -- but no one must ever ask where anyone was or speak of the wires. The whole place is snared. Everywhere, every day."
  • (Richard Briers) "So cold -- so very cold --"
  • (Richard Briers) "Violet's gone."

Joss Ackland as Black Rabbit

  • (Joss Ackland) "Hazel? You know me, don't you?"
  • (John Hurt) "I don't."
  • (John Hurt) "Oh, yes, my Lord -- I know you."
  • (Joss Ackland) "I've come to ask if you would like to join my Owsla. We shall be glad to have you, and I know you'd like it. You've been feeling tired, haven't you? If you're ready, we might go along now."
  • (Joss Ackland) "You needn't worry about them. They'll be alright, and thousands like them. If you'll come along, I'll show you what I mean."
  • (Joss Ackland) "Hazel -- Hazel -- you know me, don't you?"
  • (John Hurt) "I don't know."
  • (John Hurt) "Yes, my lord. I know you."
  • (Joss Ackland) "I've come to ask if you'd like to join my Owsla. We shall be glad to have you, and I know you'd like it. You've been feeling tired, haven't you? If you're ready, we might go along now."
  • (Joss Ackland) "You needn't worry about them. They'll be all right, and thousands like them. If you come along now, I'll show you what I mean."

Simon Cadell as Blackberry

  • (Simon Cadell) "Fiver, there's been some trouble. Hazel's been shot."
  • (Richard Briers) "No."
  • (Simon Cadell) "The Black Rabbit serves Lord Frith, but he does no more than his appointed task."
  • (Richard Briers) "Hazel's not dead."

Michael Graham Cox as Bigwig

  • (Michael Graham Cox) "Come on. What d'you think will happen when he picks up our scent? Those that can swim swim. The others -- will have to make out the best they can."
  • (John Hurt) "That's not good enough. We all got into this together, we'll all get out of it together."
  • (Michael Graham Cox) "Listen carfeully."
  • (Zero Mostel) "YAH."
  • (Michael Graham Cox) "Shhhh."
  • (Michael Graham Cox) "There's a dog loose in the woods."
  • (Terence Rigby) "Oh, that does it."
  • (General Woundwort) "Bigwig, you traitorous --."
  • (General Woundwort) "Captain, get this miserable group back to their marks. I'll settle you myself, Bigwig. There's no need to take you back."
  • (Michael Graham Cox) "Come and try, you cracked-brain slave driver."
  • (General Woundwort) "Why throw your life away?"
  • (Michael Graham Cox) "Hraka"
  • (Michael Graham Cox) "-- sir."
  • (General Woundwort) "Come out."
  • (Michael Graham Cox) "My Chief's told me to defend this run."
  • (General Woundwort) "YOUR Chief?"
  • (Michael Graham Cox) "I told you once that I was trying to impress you -- I hope I have."
  • (General Woundwort) "And I told you I would kill you myself. There's no white bird here, Bigwig."

Richard O'Callaghan as Dandelion

  • (Richard O'Callaghan) "O Frith on the hills. He made it all for us."
  • (John Hurt) "Frith may have made it, but Fiver found it."
  • (Unnamed) "It had just killed. I saw blood on it's lips."
  • (Richard O'Callaghan) "Lucky for us it had, otherwise it might have been quicker."

John Hurt as Hazel

  • (John Hurt) "Lord Frith, I know you've looked after us well and it's wrong to ask even more of you, but my people are in terrible danger. So I would like to make a bargain with you -- my life in return for theirs."
  • (Michael Hordern) "There is not a day or night that a doe offers her life for her kittens or some honest captain of Owsla his life for his Chief, but there is no bargain. What is is what must be."
  • (John Hurt) "Bigwig. Listen, you're in a snare. A snare. And what did they tell you in Owsla? Think."
  • (Michael Graham Cox) "No good biting wire --"
  • (John Hurt) "Are you hurt?"
  • (Zero Mostel) "Kaah kaah."
  • (John Hurt) "If he's hurt, maybe we ought to help him."
  • (Michael Graham Cox) "A bird? What for?"
  • (John Hurt) "We; help; you."
  • (Zero Mostel) "Piss off."
  • (John Hurt) "My heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend stopped running today."
  • (John Hurt) "Rabbits will always need tricks."
  • (John Hurt) "We'll fill in the holes good and deep. They'll have to dig us out, and they can't stay out in the open for long without attracting elil."
  • (Clifton Jones) "You don't know the Efrafans. They'll never give up."
  • (John Hurt) "You look hungry. Rats getting too clever, I suppose?"

Nigel Hawthorne as Campion

  • (Nigel Hawthorne) "Run. Run for your lives. Run."
  • (Nigel Hawthorne) "The new officer, sir. He's gone."
  • (General Woundwort) "Bigwig?"
  • (Nigel Hawthorne) "He's wounded Chervil, taken a crowd of the mark with him."
  • (General Woundwort) "Embleer Frith. I'll blind him. I'LL BLIND HIM."
  • (General Woundwort) "Come back. Come back, you fools."
  • (Nigel Hawthorne) "Run."
  • (General Woundwort) "Come back. Come back and fight. Dogs aren't dangerous."

Zero Mostel as Kehaar

  • (Zero Mostel) "Go vay. Ving no good, but I walk plenty good."
  • (Zero Mostel) "Ees long way?"
  • (Zero Mostel) "Vat home? Dis home? Where are mates? Where are chicks? Mate make eggs. Me sit on eggs, hatch eggs, many eggs. Ve feed chick. Egg robbers come, we fight. YARK, YARK."
  • (Zero Mostel) "You stupid bunnies. You got no mates. Vere are mates?"
  • (Zero Mostel) "VERE ARE CHICKS ?"
  • (Zero Mostel) "Perfect landing."
  • (Zero Mostel) "Perfect landing."

John Bennett as Holly

  • (John Bennett) "I remember you -- you're the one who saw it coming --"

Hannah Gordon as Hyzenthlay

  • (Hannah Gordon) "Sometimes I can tell when things are true. Sometimes -- I can see it -- The high down with trees, and --"
  • (Hannah Gordon) "I've become foolish."
  • (Michael Graham Cox) "You'll have to meet this friend of mine. He talks just like that."
  • (General Woundwort) "Your name?"
  • (Hannah Gordon) "Hyzenthlay, sir."
  • (General Woundwort) "I'll be frank with you. You're safe here. Well get on with it."
  • (Hannah Gordon) "Sir, several of us propose an expedition for a new warren. Somewhere else."
  • (General Woundwort) "A new warren? Out of the question."
  • (Hannah Gordon) "But you don't understand. The system is breaking down."
  • (General Woundwort) "Explain that."
  • (Hannah Gordon) "Some of us can't produce litters, we're overcrowded."
  • (General Woundwort) "I want no further discussion about it."
  • (Hannah Gordon) "We'll go as far as you like."
  • (General Woundwort) "Here or anywhere else."
  • (Hannah Gordon) "I --"
  • (Hannah Gordon) "Thank you, sir."
  • (General Woundwort) "Campion, have her watched."

Roy Kinnear as Pipkin

  • (Roy Kinnear) "What's happening back home, I wonder? Think, when we lived in our own burrows? Dry, soft, warm bodies --"
  • (Richard O'Callaghan) "Look, we can't go on like this."
  • (Terence Rigby) "It keeps getting worse and worse wherever we go. Where ARE we going?"
  • (John Hurt) "It won't be much longer, then we can all rest."
  • (Terence Rigby) "How MUCH longer?"
  • (Roy Kinnear) "We never should have left."
  • (Simon Cadell) "Suppose Fiver's all wrong?"
  • (Roy Kinnear) "We want to go back and find out."
  • (John Hurt) "Go back? After all we've been through?"
  • (Michael Graham Cox) "And probably get killed for wounding Captain Holly? An Owsla officer? Talk sense, for Frith's sake."

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