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Tape (film) Quotes

Tape (film) is a television program that first aired in 1970 . Tape ended its run in 1970.

It features Gary Winick as producer, Howard Shore in charge of musical score, and Maryse Alberti as head of cinematography.

Tape (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Tape (film) is 86 minutes long. Tape (film) is distributed by Lionsgate.

The cast includes: Ethan Hawke as Vin, Uma Thurman as Amy, Ethan Hawke as Vince, and Robert Sean Leonard as Jon.

Tape (film) Quotes

Robert Sean Leonard as Jon

  • (Robert Sean Leonard) "Since when are you all high and mighty?"
  • (Ethan Hawke) "I'm not high and mighty. I'm too high to be high and mighty."
  • (Robert Sean Leonard) "Thanks, Vince."
  • (Ethan Hawke) "What?"
  • (Robert Sean Leonard) "Thanks."
  • (Ethan Hawke) "For what?"
  • (Robert Sean Leonard) "For all your honesty."
  • (Robert Sean Leonard) "What's up man?"
  • (Ethan Hawke) "Oh, nothin' much."
  • (Robert Sean Leonard) "You're not dressed."
  • (Ethan Hawke) "Lay off."
  • (Robert Sean Leonard) "Not that I don't like it --"
  • (Ethan Hawke) "What?"
  • (Robert Sean Leonard) "Nothing."
  • (Ethan Hawke) "So?"
  • (Robert Sean Leonard) "So nothing."
  • (Ethan Hawke) "Okay."
  • (Robert Sean Leonard) "Okay."
  • (Robert Sean Leonard) "You don't like my work?"
  • (Ethan Hawke) "I like it like I like a shot of whiskey first thing in the morning: it's good for about 10 minutes and then I want my coffee."
  • (Robert Sean Leonard) "She's probably scared."
  • (Ethan Hawke) "Oh god, of what ? I never threatened her."
  • (Robert Sean Leonard) "-- You sometimes present a threatening appearance."
  • (Ethan Hawke) "Dude -- we have been going together for three years."
  • (Robert Sean Leonard) "So what?"
  • (Ethan Hawke) "So -- I mean, you'd think she would be used to it by now."

Ethan Hawke as Vin

  • (Ethan Hawke) "Do you have any idea how much those drugs cost?"
  • (Uma Thurman) "There'll be other drugs, Vincent."
  • (Ethan Hawke) "I know -- but, I really liked those ones."
  • (Ethan Hawke) "What you think I'm a dick?"
  • (Robert Sean Leonard) "Uh, no. But I do know that occasionally you have a tendency to act in a phallic fashion."
  • (Ethan Hawke) "She thinks I have violet tendencies."
  • (Robert Sean Leonard) "Oh, boy."
  • (Ethan Hawke) "Jon, I never touched her."
  • (Robert Sean Leonard) "I never said you did."
  • (Ethan Hawke) "well, she thinks I have, uh, "unresolved issues, which occasionally manifest themselves in potentially violet ways.""
  • (Robert Sean Leonard) "Women these days have no reason to hang around potentially violet guys. It's not an attractive quality anymore. Too many guys out there with "resolved" violet tendencies."
  • (Ethan Hawke) "Oh, so I'm out of fashion?"

Uma Thurman as Amy

  • (Uma Thurman) "You can always get more drugs, Vin."
  • (Ethan Hawke) "Yeah, but I liked THOSE drugs."
  • (Uma Thurman) "People change. They end up having nothing to say to each other even if they were best friends years before."

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