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State of Grace (1990 film) Quotes

State of Grace (1990 film) is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . State of Grace ended its run in 1970.

It features Ned Dowd as producer, Ennio Morricone in charge of musical score, and Jordan Cronenweth as head of cinematography.

State of Grace (1990 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of State of Grace (1990 film) is 134 minutes long. State of Grace (1990 film) is distributed by Orion Pictures.

The cast includes: Sean Penn as Terry Noonan, Gary Oldman as Jackie Flannery, Sean Penn as Terry, Ed Harris as Frankie, John C. Reilly as Stevie McGuire, Robin Wright as Kathleen Flannery, and John Turturro as Nick.

State of Grace (1990 film) Quotes

Sean Penn as Terry

  • (Sean Penn) "So we're like Robin Hood in this instance?"
  • (Gary Oldman) "Yea and I'm Friar f***."
  • (Sean Penn) "I hope that was your favorite gun. I hope you loved that gun."
  • (Unnamed) "You micks don't know who you've f***ed with."
  • (Sean Penn) "You know how smart you are?"
  • (Sean Penn) "that's how smart."
  • (Sean Penn) "What the f*** you doing? You'll blow us up."
  • (Gary Oldman) "Hundred yard dash."
  • (Sean Penn) "Nobody's doin' nothin' to nobody. It's all just happenin', see?"
  • (Sean Penn) "Be up to the angels I guess."
  • (Gary Oldman) "Hm. Them f***s."
  • (Sean Penn) "So I was in Boston, I just ended up there. Seemed far enough away. They come to me then, it just happened, you know how that is, things happen and other things happen and its your life. They were looking to get somebody to go undercover here, they wanted to get somebody who knew the kitchen who was known. And I coulda said no but I thought I could do it. It was like this opportunity in which I could look the entire thing in the eye. And you'd be gone, or married forgotten about me I thought. And Jack, I would leave him out of it. But it was only an idea. Nothing to do with the truth. It was just a f***in' idea like -- You believe in the angels or the saints or there's such a thing as a state of grace. And you believe it, but it's got nothing to do with reality. It just an idea. I mean you got your ideas and you got reality, and they're all -- they're all f***ed up."
  • (Sean Penn) "You wanna go dancing with me?"
  • (Robin Wright) "Come on Terry. No one forgets for its first love. You know that."
  • (Sean Penn) "Just the slow ones?"
  • (Robin Wright) "Just the slow ones."

Gary Oldman as Jackie Flannery

  • (Gary Oldman) "It's as if Angels were flying by so they dropped him off."
  • (Gary Oldman) "I wanna have kids. Just gotta find the right broad like Frankie did. Someone who let me fool around on the weekends and still make pancakes before Sunday Mass. Like Irene maybe."
  • (Sean Penn) "Who's Irene?"
  • (Gary Oldman) "Ooooh. You've got to meet her man. I spend one night with her my eyes are crossed for days. I walk into walls."
  • (Sean Penn) "I'd like to meet her."
  • (Gary Oldman) "She's mine though."
  • (Gary Oldman) "The funeral's in Queens. I hate drivin' in f***in' Queens."
  • (Sean Penn) "Do you want me to drive?"
  • (Gary Oldman) "Nah -- then I would have to look out the window --"
  • (Gary Oldman) "Is he f***ed up or is he f***ed up?"
  • (Gary Oldman) "What's the matter,your stomach upset?"
  • (Sean Penn) "Starting to get up in the morning Jack, it's like I'm pulling my socks over my shoes."
  • (Gary Oldman) "Yeah?"
  • (Sean Penn) "Like I'm in this f***ing fog."
  • (Gary Oldman) "Terry, you're missing the point here. I can't remember s***, that's the way I like it. Only hint of a problem is I need a little Maalox, but I can buy Maalox."
  • (Sean Penn) "You always were tougher than me Jack."
  • (Gary Oldman) "I always thought I was just crazier."
  • (Gary Oldman) "Yuppies got to be thicker than the rats and the roaches. Assholes can't live without their dogs. Got dog s*** all over the sidewalk. And it didn't use to be that way, it used to be, you dropped a cone, you could lift it up and finish it. People are roaming the streets homeless because of these assholes."
  • (Sean Penn) "So we're like Robin Hood in this instance."
  • (Gary Oldman) "Yeah. And I'm Friar f***."
  • (Gary Oldman) "All right. Hands up."
  • (Gary Oldman) "Hey. I love the noises she's makes in bed."
  • (Sean Penn) "yeah -- me too."
  • (Gary Oldman) "They don't even want to call it "Hell's Kitchen" no more. Renamed it "Clinton"."
  • (Gary Oldman) "I want to make Stevie a Saint, I want to make Stevie a Saint --"

John Turturro as Nick

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Ed Harris as Frankie

  • (Ed Harris) "She thinks I'm an asshole. And if she thinks that about me, what in the long run is she going to think about you?"

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