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American Graffiti Quotes

American Graffiti is a television show that debuted in 1970 . American Graffiti stopped airing in 1970.

It features Francis Ford Coppola, and Gary Kurtz as producer, and Jan D'Alquen and Ron Eveslage as head of cinematography.

American Graffiti is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of American Graffiti is 112 minutes long. American Graffiti is distributed by Universal Pictures.

The cast includes: Mackenzie Phillips as Carol, Ron Howard as Steve Bolander, Paul Le Mat as John Milner, Richard Dreyfuss as Curt Henderson, Bo Hopkins as Joe, Candy Clark as Debbie Dunham, Harrison Ford as Bob Falfa, Joe Spano as Vic, Kathleen Quinlan as Peg, Cindy Williams as Laurie Henderson, Terry McGovern as Mr. Wolfe, and Scott Beach as Mr. Gordon.

American Graffiti Quotes

Paul Le Mat as John Milner

  • (Paul Le Mat) "I was a dirty bird, Carol's not grungey; she's bitchin'"
  • (Paul Le Mat) "If you ever get tired of going steady with somebody that ain't around, I'm up for grabs."
  • (Paul Le Mat) "s***. Hey, get down."
  • (Mackenzie Phillips) "Hey, is this what they call "copping a feel"?"
  • (Paul Le Mat) "What? No, get up, N-O. Sheezus."
  • (Mackenzie Phillips) "What's your name?"
  • (Paul Le Mat) "My name? Mud, if anybody sees you."
  • (Terry Fields) "Oh, that was beautiful, John. Just beautiful."
  • (Paul Le Mat) "I was losing man."
  • (Terry Fields) "What?"
  • (Paul Le Mat) "Hey. Driving is a serious business. I ain't having no accidents just because of you."
  • (Paul Le Mat) "I know, uh -- you probably think you're a big shot, goin' off like this --"
  • (Paul Le Mat) "-- but you're still a punk."
  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "OK, John -- So long -- So long."
  • (Terry Fields) "Have a good trip."
  • (Cindy Williams) "Bye, Curt. Good-bye."
  • (Unnamed) "Hey. You got a bitchin' car."
  • (Paul Le Mat) "Yeah, I know."
  • (Unnamed) "In fact, your car's so neat, we're gonna give you our special prize. You want me to give it to you?"
  • (Paul Le Mat) "Sweetheart, if the prize is you, I'm a ready teddy."
  • (Unnamed) "Well, get bent, turkey."
  • (Paul Le Mat) "What the hell's goin' on here, Toad? Hey, man, are you all right?"
  • (Terry Fields) "Yeah, I'll die soon, then it'll all be over, John."
  • (Candy Clark) "Wow, you're just like the Lone Ranger."
  • (Paul Le Mat) "Yeah, yeah. Listen, are you with him?"
  • (Terry Fields) "You're talking to the woman I love."
  • (Paul Le Mat) "What happened, man?"
  • (Paul Le Mat) "Hey, Laurie, what in hell are you doin' in there?"
  • (Paul Le Mat) "Is she gonna ride with you?"
  • (Cindy Williams) "Mind your own business, John."
  • (Harrison Ford) "Yeah, she's goin' with me. You take care of yourself, man."
  • (Paul Le Mat) "Paradise Road."

Candy Clark as Debbie Dunham

  • (Terry Fields) "Let me have a Three Musketeers, and a ball point pen, and one of those combs there, a pint of Old Harper, a couple of flash light batteries and some beef jerky."
  • (Unnamed) "Okay, you got an I.D. for the liquor?"
  • (Terry Fields) "Oh, umm, yeah. Oh, nuts, I left it in the car."
  • (Unnamed) "Sorry. You'll have to get it before --"
  • (Terry Fields) "Well, I -- I also -- I forgot the car."
  • (Candy Clark) "Hey, did you get it? Did you get it? Did you get it? Did you get it? You got it. You got it."
  • (Candy Clark) "Girls don't pay; guys pay."
  • (Candy Clark) "Peel out, I just love it when guys peel out."
  • (Candy Clark) "Is that tuck and roll?"
  • (Terry Fields) "Yeah."
  • (Candy Clark) "That's bitchin' tuck and roll. You know, I really love the feel of tuck and roll upholstery."
  • (Terry Fields) "You do?"
  • (Candy Clark) "Yeah."
  • (Terry Fields) "Yeah? Well, get in and I'll let you feel it -- I mean, you know, you can touch it -- uh -- I'll let you feel the upholstery."
  • (Candy Clark) "Okay."
  • (Candy Clark) "Maybe if it's the goat killer, he'll get somebody and we'll see the whole thing."
  • (Terry Fields) "I don't want to see the whole thing."
  • (Candy Clark) "You know, what, Terry. I had a pretty good time tonight."
  • (Candy Clark) "Wow, it's a really beautiful night tonight. It's a perfect night for horseback riding."

Ron Howard as Steve Bolander

  • (Terry Fields) "Hey, what do you say, Curt? Last night in town -- you guys gonna have a little bash before you leave?"
  • (Ron Howard) "The Moose have been looking for you all day."
  • (Ron Howard) "They got worried -- thought you were trying to avoid them or something."
  • (Terry Fields) "What is it? What do ya got?"
  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "Oh, great."
  • (Terry Fields) "That's $2,000 man. Two thousand dollars."
  • (Ron Howard) "Mr. Jennings gave it to me to give to you. He says he's sorry it's so late, but it's the first scholarship the Moose Lodge has given out. And he, uh, says they're all very proud of you back at the lodge."
  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "Cute. Why don't you hold it for me for awhile?"
  • (Ron Howard) "Hey, I don't want it. Take it -- it's yours."
  • (Terry Fields) "I'll take it."
  • (Ron Howard) "Where are you going? It's awfully early in the morning."
  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "I have a dentist appointment."
  • (Ron Howard) "I thought, maybe before I leave, we could agree that -- that seeing other people while I'm away can't possibly hurt, you know."
  • (Cindy Williams) "You mean dating other people?"
  • (Ron Howard) "I think it would strengthen our relationship. Then we'd know for sure that we're really in love. Not that there's any doubt."
  • (Mr. Kroot) "All right, all right, Bolander, break that up. You know the rules. You and your girlfriend want to do that, go someplace else, huh?"
  • (Ron Howard) "Hey, Kroot. Why don't you go kiss a duck?"
  • (Mr. Kroot) "What did you say?"
  • (Ron Howard) "I said, go kiss a duck, marblehead."
  • (Mr. Kroot) "Okay, Bolander, you are suspended. Don't; don't you even come in on Monday. You're out, you're out."
  • (Ron Howard) "Hey, hey, Kroot. I graduated last semester. Remember?"
  • (Ron Howard) "We're finally getting out of this turkey town, and now you wanna crawl back into your cell, right? You wanna end up like John? You just can't stay seventeen forever."
  • (Ron Howard) "What's wrong?"
  • (Cindy Williams) "Go to hell."

Mackenzie Phillips as Carol

  • (Mackenzie Phillips) "Oh, no, not me. Not old Carol. The night is young and I'm not hittin' the rack till I get a little action."
  • (Mackenzie Phillips) "Oh, rats. I thought some of my friends might be here."
  • (Paul Le Mat) "Probably a couple of weeks past their bedtime."
  • (Mackenzie Phillips) "Oh, wait, there's Dee Dee. I hope she sees me."
  • (Paul Le Mat) "Oh, s***. Dee Dee."
  • (Mackenzie Phillips) "You're a regular J.D."
  • (Paul Le Mat) "File that under uh, C.S. over there."
  • (Mackenzie Phillips) "C.S.? What's that stand for?"
  • (Paul Le Mat) "Chicken s***; that's what it is."
  • (Mackenzie Phillips) "Oh."
  • (Mackenzie Phillips) "Your car is uglier than I am."
  • (Mackenzie Phillips) "Uh -- that didn't come out right."
  • (Mackenzie Phillips) "Gee, thanks. It's just like a ring or something. It's like were going steady."
  • (Mackenzie Phillips) "Very funny. What a chop. Ha-ha. Quit laughing. Let's catch 'em at the light. Jump out and flatten their tires."
  • (Paul Le Mat) "Wait a minute."
  • (Mackenzie Phillips) "Just do as I say."
  • (Paul Le Mat) "Alright, boss."
  • (Mackenzie Phillips) "Oh, race him. You can beat him."
  • (Mackenzie Phillips) "I just love listening to Wolfman. My Mom won't let me at home. Because he's a Negro. I think he's terrific."
  • (Mackenzie Phillips) "Why did you do that?"
  • (Paul Le Mat) "I don't like that surfin' s***. Rock and roll's been going down hill ever since Buddy Holly died."
  • (Mackenzie Phillips) "Don't you think the Beach Boys are boss?"
  • (Paul Le Mat) "You would, you grungy little twirp."
  • (Mackenzie Phillips) "Grungy? You big weenie. If I had a boyfriend, he'd pound you."
  • (Paul Le Mat) "Yeah, sure."

Richard Dreyfuss as Curt Henderson

  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "Someone wants me. Someone roaming the streets, wants ME -- Will you turn the corner?"
  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "Are you the Wolfman?"
  • (XERB Disc Jockey) "No, man. I'm not the Wolfman. Wait a minute."
  • (Unnamed) ""Who is this on the Wolfman Telephone?"."
  • (Unnamed) ""Diane"."
  • (Unnamed) ""How you doing, Diane?"."
  • (XERB Disc Jockey) "That's the Wolfman."
  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "Stand by for justice."
  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "You're the most beautiful, exciting thing I've ever seen in my life and I don't know anything about you."
  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "What did you say? Wait, what did you say?"

Kathleen Quinlan as Peg

  • (Kathleen Quinlan) "Why are you so depressed? You'll forget him in a week. After you're elected senior Queen, you'll have so many boys after your bod."
  • (Kathleen Quinlan) "Joe College strikes out."

Bo Hopkins as Joe

  • (Bo Hopkins) "Whadaya doin' creep?"
  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "Who, me?"
  • (Bo Hopkins) "No, I'm talkin' to the other fifty creeps here. You know Gil Gonzales?"
  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "Gil Gonzales? No. No, I don't."
  • (Bo Hopkins) "Don't know Gil huh? Well you oughta. He's a friend of ours and that's his car you got your butt parked on."
  • (Bo Hopkins) "You better comes with us and take a ride with the Pharaohs, huh?"
  • (Bo Hopkins) "Rome wasn't burned in a night."

Cindy Williams as Laurie Henderson

  • (Cindy Williams) "Come on."
  • (Ron Howard) "Come on, what?"
  • (Cindy Williams) "Steven, please. Smile or something."
  • (Ron Howard) "Quit pinching."
  • (Cindy Williams) "You think I care if you go off? You think I'm gonna crack up or something? Boy, are you conceited."
  • (Ron Howard) "I don't know why I ever asked you out."
  • (Cindy Williams) ""It doesn't make sense to leave home to look for home, to give up a life to find a new life, to say goodbye to friends you love just to find new friends"."
  • (Cindy Williams) "I don't care if you leave this second."

Harrison Ford as Bob Falfa

  • (Harrison Ford) "Some enchanted evening / You will see a stranger / You will see a stranger / Across a crowded room / And somehow you'll know / That she is the one --"
  • (Harrison Ford) "Hey, you know a guy around here with a piss yellow deuce coupe, supposed to be hot stuff?"
  • (Terry Fields) "You mean John Milner?"
  • (Terry Fields) "Hey, nobody can beat him, man. He's got the fastest --"
  • (Harrison Ford) "I ain't nobody, dork. Right?"
  • (Terry Fields) "Uh -- right."
  • (Harrison Ford) "Hey, you see this Milner, you tell him I'm lookin' for him, huh? Tell him I aim to blow his ass right off the road."
  • (Harrison Ford) "Hey, hey, hey, baby. What do you say?"
  • (Cindy Williams) "Don't say anything and we'll get along just fine."

Joe Spano as Vic

  • (Joe Spano) "Hey Deb, How's my soft baby?"
  • (Candy Clark) "Come on, beat it, Vic. I'm not your baby."
  • (Joe Spano) "Aw, come on honey. Look, so I never called you back. I've been, you know, busy."
  • (Candy Clark) "Yeah, three weeks? Besides, it only took me one night to realize if brains were dynamite you couldn't blow your nose."
  • (Joe Spano) "Look who's talking. Hey, who's the wimp you're hanging out with now? Einstein?"
  • (Candy Clark) "Tiger happens to be very intelligent, unlike you. I know everything your dirty little mind is thinking; it shows."
  • (Terry Fields) "Hey now, buddy, look. The lady obviously doesn't want to have --"
  • (Joe Spano) "Look, creep. You want a knuckle sandwich?"
  • (Terry Fields) "Uh, no thanks. I'm waiting for a double Chucky Chuck."
  • (Joe Spano) "Then keep your smart-ass mouth shut."
  • (Joe Spano) "Hey, I'll call you some night Deb. Some night when I'm hard up."
  • (Candy Clark) "I won't be home."
  • (Candy Clark) "Get out of here."
  • (Terry Fields) "You seem to know a lot of weird guys."
  • (Candy Clark) "That creep's not a friend of mine, he's just -- horny. That's why I like you, you're different."
  • (Terry Fields) "I am? I mean, do you really think I'm intelligent?"
  • (Candy Clark) "Yeah, and I bet you're smart enough to get us some brew."
  • (Candy Clark) "Yeah."
  • (Terry Fields) "Brew?"
  • (Candy Clark) "Yeah."
  • (Terry Fields) "You mean liquor. Yeah, yeah right, liquor. Yeah, this place is too crowded anyway."

Terry McGovern as Mr. Wolfe

  • (Terry McGovern) "I thought you'd left."
  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "No, not yet. I have no matches."
  • (Terry McGovern) "That's all right."
  • (Terry McGovern) "Brother, how do I get stuck with dance supervision? Will you tell me that? You going back east? Boy, I remember the day I went off. Got drunk as hell the night before, just --"
  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "Blotto."
  • (Terry McGovern) "Blotto, exactly. Barfed on the train all the next day, too."
  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "Cute, very cute. Where'd you go again?"
  • (Terry McGovern) "Middlebury, Vermont."
  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "Right."
  • (Terry McGovern) "Got a scholarship."
  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "Only stayed a semester?"
  • (Terry McGovern) "One semester. After all that, I came back here."
  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "Why did you come back?"
  • (Terry McGovern) "I decided I wasn't the competitive type."
  • (Terry McGovern) "I don't know, maybe I was scared."
  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "Well, I uh; I think I may find that I'm not the competitive type myself."
  • (Terry McGovern) "What do you mean?"
  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "Well, I'm not really sure that I'm"
  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "going."
  • (Terry McGovern) "Hey now, don't be stupid. Experience life. Have some fun, Curt. Anyway, good luck."

Scott Beach as Mr. Gordon

  • (Scott Beach) "Hey, what are you punks doing? What's going on here?"
  • (Bo Hopkins) "I'm just uh --"
  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "Oh, hi, Mr. Gordon. What's up?"

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