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Millennium Actress Quotes

Millennium Actress is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Millennium Actress stopped airing in 1970.

It features Taro Maki as producer, Susumu Hirasawa in charge of musical score, and Hisao Shirai as head of cinematography.

Millennium Actress is recorded in Japanese and originally aired in Japan. Each episode of Millennium Actress is 87 minutes long. Millennium Actress is distributed by KlockWorx.

Millennium Actress Quotes

  • (Chiyoko Fujiwara) "My lord."
  • (Chiyoko Fujiwara) "Why don't you wait for me?"
  • (Genya Tachibana) "I --"
  • (Kyoji Ida) "Do you cried in all her movies?"
  • (Kyoji Ida) "Leaving work behind? That's inappropriate."
  • (Genya Tachibana) "You don't understand women"
  • (Kyoji Ida) "You do?"
  • (Kyoji Ida) "But he's a lucky guy, if she follows him to a place so far."
  • (Genya Tachibana) "I would like to be him."
  • (Chiyoko Fujiwara) "The full moon --"
  • (The Man of the Key) "It won't appear tomorrow, but I like This moon better. After the full moon begins to wane. But after fourteen nights, starting tomorrow, I hope to see it again. I gotta go."
  • (Chiyoko Fujiwara) "But, you are hurt."
  • (The Man of the Key) "My friends are fighting in Manchuria. The painting is not of much help."
  • (Chiyoko Fujiwara) "I told you, Don't accept them."
  • (Mother) "You're not going to be the "madonna" that everyone knows forever."
  • (Kyoji Ida) "Don't get your hopes up. She must be over 70 now."
  • (Genya Tachibana) "She'll never grow old."
  • (Unnamed) "I hate you more than I can bear. And I love you more than I can bear."
  • (Junichi Ootaki) "Hey kid, Remember, in this business we're always flattering to the public and actresses,I will teach you that one of these days --"
  • (Junichi Ootaki) "Hey, Don't stay there. Go and find it."
  • (Genya) "Yes sir."
  • (Genya) "Eh -- What are we looking for?"
  • (Junichi Ootaki) "The Chiyoko's damn Key."
  • (Eiko Shimao) "Another stupid., Just tell them what they want to know."
  • (Chiyoko Fujiwara) "I can't tell them what I don't know, but won't speak if I knew it. I will never betray him."
  • (Eiko Shimao) "Hmpf, You're a little silly. That's what you say now -- but the feelings change."
  • (Chiyoko Fujiwara) "I will never change. I will love him forever."
  • (Eiko Shimao) "Right --"
  • (Junichi Ootaki) "So, Daddy found a new actress."
  • (Eiko Shimao) "Good. You act in a hurry, "Sonny""
  • (Eiko Shimao) "So, your name is Chizuko --"
  • (Chiyoko Fujiwara) "It's Chiyoko"
  • (Senior Manager of Ginei) "Our new movie is in Manchuria, it will cheer our soldiers -- and the people of our nation. Certainly -- Chiyoko wants serve to her country."
  • (Mother) "Perhaps, but this girl is too shy to be an actress, she will find a husband and they will take care of our shop."
  • (Mother) "Isn't so?"
  • (Senior Manager of Ginei) "Is more important for you a candy store than serve to our nation?"
  • (Mother) "Does a woman does not serve her nation better staying at home and taking care for her children?"
  • (Kyoji Ida) "Man, this is dramatic --"
  • (Genya Tachibana) "I cried fifty-three times in this scene."
  • (Kyoji Ida) "When did this become a movie?"
  • (Genya Tachibana) "Isn't she a sweetie girl?"
  • (Kyoji Ida) "Even the old people were once young"
  • (The Man of the Key) "Then I'll show you that starry, starry sky, like I promised I would."
  • (Genya Tachibana) "Hey miss, Don't you look when you walk around here? -- Come in."
  • (Kyoji Ida) "This role of savior makes you happy, huh?"
  • (Kyoji Ida) ". Hey boss,is that you?"
  • (Senior Manager of Ginei) "Chiyoko is in the lead"
  • (Chiyoko Fujiwara) "Nice to meet you"
  • (Senior Manager of Ginei) "I'm sure you recognize to Eiko Shimao, Our main star"
  • (Eiko Shimao) "Hello, Chieko"
  • (Genya Tachibana) "Are you okay?, Do you feel sick?"
  • (Chiyoko Fujiwara) "Never listen to doctors, they always think that old people are sick."
  • (Chiyoko Fujiwara) "The part I really loved, was chasing him."
  • (The Man with the Scar) "Playing truant are we? Off to meet some human rights agitator?"
  • (Chiyoko Fujiwara) "I don't understand --"
  • (The Man with the Scar) "We know it's you. He left you a little memento on the storeroom wall."
  • (Chiyoko Fujiwara) "He did?"
  • (The Man with the Scar) "That's all we need to know. We'll continue at the station."
  • (Junichi Ootaki) "Chiyoko, a film director is like a painter, a painter puts the colors as he wants on the canvas. And I found a great color for my canvas, This color is you."
  • (Genya Tachibana) "Does he seduce her with a line like that?"
  • (Kyoji Ida) "I should try that line."
  • (Genya Tachibana) "I always think that I would die for the woman I love."
  • (Kyoji Ida) "Maybe I will shoot him"
  • (Kyoji Ida) "A princess could do that?"
  • (Kyoji Ida) "The crazy old biddy. Hiding herself away like she's some kind of hermit."
  • (Genya Tachibana) "Next time I kill you."
  • (Eiko Shimao) "Better get in there, Genya. The princess is not amused."

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