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Kill and Kill Again Quotes

Kill and Kill Again is a television show that was first aired in 1970 . Kill and Kill Again completed its run in 1970.

It features Igo Kantor as producer, and Tai Krige as head of cinematography.

Each episode of Kill and Kill Again is 100 minutes long. Kill and Kill Again is distributed by Film Ventures International.

Kill and Kill Again Quotes

  • (Unnamed) "I said don't call me popsicle."
  • (Unnamed) "My father has been working for several years on a project to extract fuel from potatoes."
  • (Unnamed) "Gypsy -- Gypsy Billy -- Hey Gyp -- C'mon Gyp, I know you're in there -- It's me, Steve --"
  • (Unnamed) "I need your help --"
  • (Unnamed) "Go away, I'm retired"
  • (Unnamed) "C'mon Gyp, this is a chance for you to get back on your feet"
  • (Unnamed) "A mission?"
  • (Unnamed) "The biggest yet"
  • (Unnamed) "Nah"
  • (Unnamed) "C'mon Gyp."
  • (Unnamed) "Ah, it wouldn't work -- I couldn't help a one-legged widow fall down the stairs"
  • (Unnamed) "I'm not taking no for an answer -- You're coming with me"
  • (Unnamed) "I'm not in shape for any big mission"
  • (Unnamed) "All you need to get back into shape is a good bath"
  • (Unnamed) "Okay Steve, Okay, but I'm warning you, you're making a big mistake"
  • (Unnamed) "It wouldn't be the first time, but I'll take the chance --"
  • (Unnamed) "-- He's just left"
  • (Vampire) "Don't let the gate hit you on the way out"
  • (Unnamed) "Hey, what about my security deposit?"
  • (Unnamed) "Two bucks? I gave you five"
  • (Vampire) "Took it out for damages"
  • (Unnamed) "You gonna let him get away with that?"
  • (Unnamed) "He's got the franchise"
  • (Unnamed) "It's now or never Gyp"
  • (Unnamed) "Vampire, you damn thief, gimme my dough"
  • (Vampire) "Let go of me."
  • (Unnamed) "You heard me, my five bucks"
  • (Unnamed) "-- Thanks for the help"
  • (Unnamed) "Did you really want help?"
  • (Unnamed) "Nope"

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