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The Killing (film) Quotes

The Killing (film) is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . The Killing ended in 1970.

It features James B. Harris as producer, Gerald Fried in charge of musical score, and Lucien Ballard as head of cinematography.

The Killing (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Killing (film) is 85 minutes long. The Killing (film) is distributed by United Artists.

The cast includes: Kola Kwariani as Maurice, Sterling Hayden as Johnny Clay, Marie Windsor as Sherry Peatty, Coleen Gray as Fay, Marie Windsor as Fisher, Timothy Carey as Nikki Arcane, Sterling Hayden as Joe, Ted de Corsia as Randy Kennan, Elisha Cook Jr. as George Peatty, Vince Edwards as Val Cannon, and Jay C. Flippen as Marvin Unger.

The Killing (film) Quotes

Marie Windsor as Sherry Peatty

  • (Marie Windsor) "You don't understand me Johnny. You don't know me very well."
  • (Sterling Hayden) "I know you like a book. You're a no good, nosy little tramp. You'd sell out your own mother for a piece of fudge; but, you're smart along with it. Smart enough to know when to sail and when to sit tight and you know you better sit tight in this case."
  • (Marie Windsor) "I do?"
  • (Sterling Hayden) "You heard me. You like money. You got great big dollar sign there, where most women have a heart."
  • (Marie Windsor) "He says the job's all set up and it's gonna be done. And if I just sit tight, I'd be up to my curls in cash, just like that."
  • (Marie Windsor) "Darling, what are the two things in life you're most interested in?"
  • (Vince Edwards) "What?"
  • (Marie Windsor) "Money and women?"
  • (Vince Edwards) "That's a nice way to put me down."
  • (Marie Windsor) "That sums it up, doesn't it?"
  • (Marie Windsor) "After all, if people didn't have headaches, what would happen to the aspirin industry anyway?"
  • (Marie Windsor) "You want me to call you Papa, isn't that it George? And you want to call me Mama."
  • (Elisha Cook Jr.) "You know all the answers."
  • (Marie Windsor) "Go right ahead. Of course, it may be the last word you ever say; but, I'll try to kill you as painless as possible."
  • (Marie Windsor) "We're gonna have money, Val. More money than we ever dreamed of. Maybe millions."
  • (Vince Edwards) "Oh yeah, how?"
  • (Marie Windsor) "George, that's how. He stumbled on to somethin' big."
  • (Vince Edwards) "That meatball?"
  • (Marie Windsor) "That meatball with gravy, Val."
  • (Marie Windsor) "It isn't fair. I never had anybody but you. Not a real husband. Not even a man. Just a bad joke without a punch line."

Sterling Hayden as Johnny Clay

  • (Sterling Hayden) "You admit it. You admit you were out there snooping."
  • (Marie Windsor) "Yes, wasn't that naughty of me?"
  • (Sterling Hayden) "Five thousand bucks for rubbin' out a horse."
  • (Timothy Carey) "Okay, Pops, how do I get it?"
  • (Sterling Hayden) "$2,500 today, $2,500 the day after the race."
  • (Timothy Carey) "Okay, crazy. Tell me somethin', what's your angle, Johnny? They'll probably call the race off, huh? And they won't pay off any of the bets. Come on."
  • (Sterling Hayden) "Maybe. But, what my angle is, is my business. And, Nikki, five thousand bucks is a lot of dough and that's what I'm payin' it for. So, nobody has to no my business."
  • (Sterling Hayden) "Everything's gonna be alright. I promise you."
  • (Coleen Gray) "Make sure you're right about it, Johnny. I'm no good for anybody else. I'm not pretty and I'm not very smart; so, please don't leave me alone any more."
  • (Sterling Hayden) "Nothing is gonna happen. Not this time."
  • (Sterling Hayden) "Alright sister, that's a mighty pretty head you got on your shoulders. You want to keep it there or start carrying it around in your hands?"
  • (Marie Windsor) "Maybe we could compromise and put it on your shoulder. I think that'd be nice, don't you?"
  • (Sterling Hayden) "Like the man said, "Life is like a glass of tea." Huh?"
  • (Kola Kwariani) "Oh, Johnny, my friend, you never were very bright; but, I love you anyway."
  • (Sterling Hayden) "None of these men are criminals in the usual sense. They've all got jobs. They all live seemingly normal, decent lives. But, they've got their problems and they've all got a little larceny in 'em."
  • (Sterling Hayden) "Thank you, Randy. I was sure you'd see it my way. Take good care of yourself."
  • (Ted de Corsia) "I'll take care of myself, mister. That's my specialty."
  • (Sterling Hayden) "A friend of mine will be stopping by tomorrow to drop something off for me. He's a cop."
  • (Joe Piano) "A cop? That's a funny kind of a friend."
  • (Sterling Hayden) "Well, he's a funny kind of a cop."
  • (Sterling Hayden) "You know Fay, the biggest mistake I made before was shooting for peanuts. Five years have taught me one thing, if nothing else: Anytime you take a chance, you better be sure the rewards are worth the risk. Because they could put you away just as fast for a $10 heist as they can for a million dollar job."
  • (Sterling Hayden) "You'll have money. Plenty of money. George will have and he'll blow it all on you, probably buy himself a five cent cigar."
  • (Marie Windsor) "You don't know me very well, Johnny. I wouldn't think of letting George throw his money away on cigars."

Kola Kwariani as Maurice

  • (Kola Kwariani) "Would it be out of order for me to ask for what it is you are willing to pay such a price to see me demonstrate my talents? I would imagine, it is for more than just your own personal entertainment."
  • (Sterling Hayden) "$2,500 is a lot of dough, Maurice. Part of it's for not asking questions."
  • (Kola Kwariani) "Hey, can I get some service; you stupid lookin' Irish pig."
  • (Kola Kwariani) "You have my sympathies, then. You have not yet learned that in this life you have to be like everyone else; the perfect mediocrity; no better, no worse. Individuality's a monster and it must be strangled in it's cradle to make our friends feel confident. You know, I've often thought that the gangster and the artist are the same in the eyes of the masses. They are admired and hero-worshipped, but there is always present underlying wish to see them destroyed at the peak of their glory."
  • (Kola Kwariani) "I'd like you to call this number and ask for Mr. Stillman. Tell him that Maurice requires his services."
  • (Marie Windsor) "Sounds pretty mysterious. What's it all about?"
  • (Kola Kwariani) "There are some things, my dear Fisher, which bear not much looking into. You have undoubtedly heard of the Siberian goatherd who tried to discover the true nature of the sun; he stared up at the heavenly body until it made him blind. There are many things of this sort, including love, and death, and -- maybe we'll discuss this later today. Please remember to make that call if I'm not back at 6:30."

Ted de Corsia as Randy Kennan

  • (Ted de Corsia) "You jerk, you clown."
  • (Ted de Corsia) "Come on, clown, sing us a chorus from "Pagliacci"."

Timothy Carey as Nikki Arcane

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Elisha Cook Jr. as George Peatty

  • (Elisha Cook Jr.) "I saw somethin' kinda nice comin' home on the train tonight. Somethin', well, eh, kinda sweet."
  • (Marie Windsor) "A candy bar, George?"
  • (Elisha Cook Jr.) "No, not a candy bar, Donut."
  • (Elisha Cook Jr.) "This couple, sittin' just in front of me, oh, they weren't young, exactly. I guess the woman was about your age."
  • (Marie Windsor) "A little senile, you mean? With one foot and a big toe in the grave?"
  • (Elisha Cook Jr.) "You want to hear this or not? Do you or not, Sherry?"
  • (Marie Windsor) "I can't wait. Go ahead and thrill me George."
  • (Elisha Cook Jr.) "Tell me something, will you, Sherry. Just tell me one thing. Why did you ever marry me, anyway?"
  • (Marie Windsor) "Oh, George, when a man has to ask his wife that; well, he just hadn't better, that's all."
  • (Elisha Cook Jr.) "I've been kinda sick today. I keep gettin' pains in my stomach."
  • (Marie Windsor) "Maybe you got a hole in it, George. Do you suppose you have?"
  • (Elisha Cook Jr.) "A hole in it? How would I get a hole in my stomach?"
  • (Marie Windsor) "How would you get one in your head? Fix me a drink, George. I think I'm developing some pains myself."
  • (Elisha Cook Jr.) "Sherry, can't I ever say anything at all without you jokin' me about it?"
  • (Marie Windsor) "Hurry up with that drink, George. The pains are gettin' worse."

Vince Edwards as Val Cannon

  • (Vince Edwards) "Don't be greedy."
  • (Marie Windsor) "I'm not greedy. Val, I'm in love with you and if that's being greedy, then, I'm the biggest glutton that ever walked the earth."
  • (Vince Edwards) "Don't make it sounds so ominous. It sounds like you're gonna eat me alive."
  • (Marie Windsor) "I may just do that."
  • (Vince Edwards) "Look, Mrs. Peatty, what I do is my own business. I never tried to pin you down, did I? I never asked you how you got your kicks before you met me, did I?"
  • (Marie Windsor) "You didn't used to talk to me like that."
  • (Vince Edwards) "I'm sorry, baby. But, don't bug me. I gotta live my life a certain way. I can't stand it when the walls start closin' in."

Coleen Gray as Fay

  • (Coleen Gray) "Johnny, you've got to run."
  • (Sterling Hayden) "Eh, what's the difference?"

Jay C. Flippen as Marvin Unger

  • (Jay C. Flippen) "You've had a lot of rough breaks and made a few mistakes; but, after today, the good Lord willing, you'll be a new man. A rich man. And that can make a lot of difference. Got a lot of life ahead of you. A lot of people to meet. People of quality and substance."
  • (Sterling Hayden) "What are you gettin' at?"
  • (Jay C. Flippen) "Wouldn't it be great if we could just go away, the two of us, and let the old world take a couple of turns, and have a chance to take stock of things. It can be pretty serious and terrible, particularly if its not the right person. Getting married, I mean."

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