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The Forgotten (2004 film) Quotes

The Forgotten (2004 film) is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . The Forgotten ended its run in 1970.

It features Bruce Cohen as producer, James Horner in charge of musical score, and Anastas N. Michos as head of cinematography.

The Forgotten (2004 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Forgotten (2004 film) is 91 minutes long. The Forgotten (2004 film) is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Julianne Moore as Telly Paretta, Dominic West as Ash Correll, Dominic West as Cop, Anthony Edwards as Jim Paretta, Gary Sinise as Dr. Jack Munce, and Alfre Woodard as Det. Anne Pope.

The Forgotten (2004 film) Quotes

Julianne Moore as Telly Paretta

  • (Julianne Moore) "Do you get drunk every night?"
  • (Dominic West) "No. Sometimes I'm drunk by noon."
  • (Julianne Moore) "I'm Telly. Sam's mom."
  • (Dominic West) "I'm Ash. I think we met before."
  • (Julianne Moore) "At first I thought it had something to do with the plane crash. Remember when that TWA plane crashed over Long Island? Everybody thought it was a missile, friendly fire, or some type of government cover-up."
  • (Dominic West) "Yeah, I remember that."
  • (Julianne Moore) "But then I thought, you know, 'How could the government erase our memories?' Its just not possible. So --"
  • (Dominic West) "What?"
  • (Julianne Moore) "So you don't think I'm out of my mind?"
  • (Dominic West) "I don't anymore."
  • (Julianne Moore) "Why did you change the picture? You replaced our book with an empty book."
  • (Julianne Moore) "You erased our son."
  • (Anthony Edwards) "I didn't change anything. They were always blank."
  • (Unnamed) "There are worse things than forgetting."
  • (Julianne Moore) "No, there aren't."
  • (Julianne Moore) "Please tell me, no one will know that you spoke to us. I swear to you."
  • (Dominic West) "They're listening."

Gary Sinise as Dr. Jack Munce

  • (Gary Sinise) "Telly, you never had a son. Sometimes people go around and invent alternate lives, with imagined friends, and imagined families."
  • (Julianne Moore) "Stop it. Why are you doing this?"
  • (Julianne Moore) "I am not making him up."
  • (Gary Sinise) "How much time did you spend at the dresser compared to last week?"
  • (Julianne Moore) "Less."
  • (Gary Sinise) "How much less?"
  • (Julianne Moore) "I don't know exactly."
  • (Gary Sinise) "You wanna make a guess, roughly, for the week?"
  • (Julianne Moore) "Oh, not even an hour a day."

Alfre Woodard as Det. Anne Pope

  • (Alfre Woodard) "Telly Paretta, stop. I'm Detective Pope. I tracked the man to this house. I shot him in the leg, and nothing."
  • (Alfre Woodard) "He is not human. I believe you."
  • (Alfre Woodard) "You don't know very much. National Security, huh? Better buy better locks."

Anthony Edwards as Jim Paretta

  • (Anthony Edwards) "I think it's great, you're starting to write again. What's your book going to be about?"
  • (Julianne Moore) "Psychotic women, and the men who love them."

Dominic West as Ash Correll

  • (Dominic West) "Baseball is great. It's the only sport in the world that you can play while taking a nap."

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